A Bond 25 Production Update


Bond 25 has been filming and there’s been a lot of news of problems, injuries and accidents reported by the media. Are things really that bad and should Bond fans be worried?

Bond 25 Production Update Dramatization

Bond 25 is currently filming and boy has it been getting a lot of attention lately!

The media, newspapers, the internet all have had a field day reporting on a chorus line of issues that have apparently plagued the Bond 25 production. Fans might start to have trouble keeping up with the latest updates.

Most of the reports of all this chaos that Bond 25 is enduring has come from unnamed, super secret sources that the media loves to use. The British tabloids LOVE to run Bond headlines and seem to be working overtime to promote whatever angle they can come up with that sounds dramatic, paints a film in turmoil, grabs attention and gets them readers.

It might not be exactly true, completely unverified and utterly inaccurate, but folks love to read headlines like ‘BOND 25 IS THE MOST CURSED MOVIE PRODUCTION OF ALL TIME!’, so it’s no wonder the media runs with it.

I find it somewhat confusing as how they can label bond 25 the most out of control movie production ever. It’s clear they’re using a very strange measuring stick to label it with that honor. Or maybe they just never heard of Apocalypse Now, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Heaven’s Gate, The Abyss, Waterworld….can you think of some others.

But what the heck, using the headline of ‘Most Cursed’, ‘Biggest Mess’, ‘Out of Control’ will really grab the eyeballs.

As a result, these unsubstantiated stories flourish and attract readers who give these websites clicks. I really wouldn’t place much stock in them.

Sure, Bond 25 has run into some issues and had some accidents, but I don’t think the production is in a spiraling cataclysmic free fall that most of the media is eager to paint.

Gee, where do I start? Let’s see, there was Daniel Craig’s on set injury. While filming he injured his ankle which required minor surgery. Craig had to take some time off from filming. They had to readjust the schedule to accommodate his accident and he was soon back to filming.

EON sent out that photo of him working out to assure fans he was doing well. Despite the cast on his foot he looked like he was ready to get back to work.

The Bond 25 directors chair has been a focal point of interest way back since Danny Boyle left the film due to ‘creative differences’. Director Cary Fukunaga came in and since filming commenced has stirred up wild reports about his unprofessional behavior.

The pair almost come to blows – if you really use your imagination

It began with some really leaping wild speculation that Fukunaga and Craig were fighting on set. How did the press determine this? Well, they saw this behind the scenes photo of the two on set.

While to us commoners it doesn’t look like much, we might stupidly say it just looks like two guys talking. To the well trained observation skills of the British rags they determined the two as having an alleged “heated discussion”. There was obvious discontent on the Bond 25 set.

Do you see how this works?

The British newspaper The Sun, well known for his precise, meticulously fact checked and confirmed stories before they would ever put it to press – just kidding, I think most people use it just to wrap dead fish up in – ran a doozy of a Bond 25 story. declaring “mutiny has erupted on the set”.

Fukunaga apparently enjoys playing video games every now and then. He even likes playing them when he’s scheduled to shoot a really big-budget film. Stories came out that he delayed filming for hours because he was preoccupied playing Playstation. The crew stood around waiting on him to get his high score or whatever so they could finally get to work.

Fukunaga’s game play upset the crew even more when they were told they then have to work extra hours to make up for the lost filming time. This all came from….you guessed it ‘an unnamed source’.

Fukunaga took to his Instagram to state that the story was not true. This was so unlike The Sun to inaccurately report on something. Maybe they just got the video game system wrong.

The film did suffer another on-set accident. While filming at Pinewood Studios there was a mishap with a controlled stunt explosion. The accident damaged the 007 Stage and crew member sustained a minor injury.

Then there was this odd story of the discovery of a hidden camera that was placed in the women’s bathroom at Pinewood. A man was arrested and charged with voyeurism.

A new rumor that recently came out that Grace Jones – A View To A Kill’s Mayday herself – was scheduled to film a cameo, but she stormed off the set when she discovered she didn’t have a lot of dialogue.

I think it’s kind of odd that she would arrive to the set and not know what the filmmakers wanted her to do. She just discovered when she arrived to the set that she wasn’t going to give a five page monologue??? This sounds pretty fishy. But what the heck it makes for great headlines and clickbait articles!

Prince Charles paying a visit to the Bond 25 set

On June 20th Prince Charles paid a visit to the Bond set. He met with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, Craig, Fukunaga, the cast and the crew. Craig showed him the Aston Martin’s they have. The Prince reportedly asked a set worker, “You haven’t had any more things blowing up recently?”

Also on that day, the official 007 social media platforms released a short snippet of scenes of the Bond 25 filming that took place in the Caribbean. A week later they released photos of some of the filming that is taking place in London. Fans got to see photos of Craig looking very Bond, him meeting the Household Cavalry and video clip of him arriving on the scene in the Aston Martin V8.

I like that the official 007 social media is becoming a bit more active recently. I think that’s one thing EON has really not taken full advantage of.

They can easily squash all these negative stories and worries fans might have with a simple tweet. I hope they continue to use it to not only promote themselves but reassure fans not to believe all the rumors.

So, I think that catches us up. Bond 25 is filming. There has been some speed bumps, but it’s not the disastrous production the media wants to try to sell.

Regardless, I still thought I would still have some fun with all this supposed doom that is being circulated over Bond 25. So here’s a Bond 25 Production Update – A Haphazard Dramatization.

There might be some slight exaggeration with some things….

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