Bond Is Back


It’s time to celebrate that Bond Is Back on cinema screens with the release of the long delayed No Time To Die, a collaborative video project with some fellow YouTubers and Bond fans marks the occasion with each of us looking back at a past favorite moment from the Bond series


After an extremely long road James Bond has finally returned to cinema screens.

No Time To Die had its world premiere on Tuesday September 28 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. It looked like what one would envision a big glossy James Bond movie premiere would look like. A glamorous red carpet, Bond cars parked all around, an army of press ready to ask silly, predictable questions, the stars of the film all glammed up and royalty in attendance.

At the center of it all was star Daniel Craig bidding adieu to James Bond. This wasn’t the case of any question lingering if this would be his final Bond film. He flat out stated he was done with the role after his fifth time playing him. So, this is it for Craig’s Bond.

Daniel-Craig-No-Time-To-Die-premiere-red-jacketCraig was wearing quite the unique jacket at the premiere. It has caught its own share of headlines. I think it got more attention than most of the other things at the event.

From there, No Time To Die has hit UK theaters today and audiences are finally getting to see the long delayed film. Bond fans in the U.S. will have to wait an extra week until October 8 for the release. The film will be released in China on October 29, while in Australia its date is November 11.

With six years since Spectre and the constant series of delays the film has suffered it’s somewhat hard to believe the release of the 25th Bond film has become a reality. What a long ordeal it has been for this film.

To celebrate James Bond’s return, YouTuber Pentex Productions invited some fellow Bond fans to participate in a very cool project to mark the occasion. Entitled ‘Bond Is Back’, each one of us would look back at a favorite past moment from the Bond series.

 Pentex has compiled a YouTube playlist on his channel with all the videos nicely organized for your viewing pleasure. Yep, you can find mine in there as well. Be sure to check them out! They’re all quite fun and offer up some very interesting perspectives.

James Bond has finally returned!

Here’s the ‘Bond Is Back’ playlist! My video is in there too! Enjoy!

1 thought on “Bond Is Back

  1. I’ll be straight with you John. This post concerns me a little, since it’s not unheard of for movie companies to schmooze and manipulate popular critics, (niche Youtubers more so these days).

    The phrase “Bond is Back”, (while that could be argued as technically true in the most literal sense), reads like a marketing campaign slogan. Not a particularly original one either.

    If you search the early IMDB reactions to this movie you’ll find a predictable, early, and highly unlikely, ten-star review entitled “Bond is BACK!!!”, (sort by date, it’s the second one ever posted). You’ll find one similarly attached to pretty much every subsequent franchise movie, good or bad – but especially bad. The obvious implication being that the character you know and love is “back” to form – especially after unpopular sequel(s) where they failed to live up to their reputation or recapture the movie magic of the original(s).
    eg. “Indiana Jones is back!!!” (Crystal Skull).

    Your mileage may vary with any given film of course, but I think you’ll agree that it’s an uncanny coincidence at least.

    I have long used a browser extension that highlights suspect words and phrases in reviews, along with other forms of ’empty praise’ and ‘get butts on seats’ marketing pap, The phrase “* is back” is literally top of that word list.

    I’m not familiar with this Pentex guy, but I do wonder if he just came up with this little idea and title out of the blue, I wouldn’t want you to get unknowingly roped in by the very real world of marketing intrigue, because that would be rather ironic considering the subject matter.

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