The Brosnan Age: Die Another Day (2002)

Die Another Day Pierce Brosnan Halle Berry James Bond reviewPierce Brosnan’s final performance as James Bond ends in 2002’s Die Another Day.

Directed by Lee Tamahori, Die Another Day marks a few milestones in the 007 film series. Not only is it Brosnan’s swan song, but it also marks the 20th film in the offical EON series AND the 40th anniversary of the Bond film series!

These landmarks don’t go unnoticed in Die Another Day, where the film eagerly tips its hat to its history. Meanwhile, there’s an adventure for Bond to go on.

After being sold out by a traitor in MI6, Bond spends sixteen months in a South Korean prison. Now released Bond plans to find out who exactly this traitor is, but M decides to revoke his double-O status. Do you think that will really stop Bond?

Bond meets Gustav Graves, a guy who made a fortune with a diamond mine, but it could be he’s up to more than he seems. Before Bond or us know it, he’s traveling to Iceland and Havana, fighting a diamond scarred henchman, trading quips with Madonna, driving an invisible car, wind surfing gigantic waves, staying in ice palaces, avoiding huge laser beams and making out with Halle Berry.

It’s sounding like a jam-packed adventure!

I take an epic look at the 20th Bond film. A film that every Bond fans seems to remember all to well. And the one film that most fans of my review series, seemed to be very anxious I take a look at. I guess you have to give it that – it’s certainly memorable.


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