Farewell To ‘The Most Annoying Man In Show Business’ – Billy Bush!


Billy Bush is leaving the airwaves after being part of the Donald Trump tape scandal

BIlly Bush annoying man on television scandal

I’m not going to get into the details of the big 2005 audio tape scandal that has caused Presidential nominee, Apprentice star and former husband of Executive Decision star Marla Maples a major headache and has sent his campaign into a tailspin. There are enough people talking about that and sharing their opinions.

I’d like to just express great jubilation that former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush was caught on that tape going along with Trump’s remarks – and now finds his head on the chopping block that will hopefully put an end to seeing this annoying guy on TV!

Maybe something good will come from this election!

I’ve always loathed Billy Bush. I think it was Billy Crystal that christened him with the title of ‘Most Annoying Man in Show Business’ during an Oscar telecast. And that perfect moniker has stuck. The guy truly is one of the most irritating television personalities I’ve seen in the past fifteen years. Maybe even going back further!

Donald Trump Billy Bush audio tape scandal videoWhen he started to pop up on Access Hollywood I couldn’t figure out where this bozo came from. He brought this big fake TV smile to every interview he did. He would just sit there and kiss ass. And never once did I hear anything substantial come from anything he did. He’s the definition of ‘fluff entertainment’.

I suppose he fit in perfectly with the vacuous entertainment shows that offer nothing to me. I really don’t care about a cover story of what the Kardashians were wearing when they went out for their morning coffee or who some celebrity is dating. Who cares!

So, good old Billy would do those kind of nonsense segments. He’d hop up and down with boyish enthusiasm, try to act funny and pour creepy adulation on whatever celebrity he got near. Plus, he would do that vapid red carpet crap where he would act like a complete sycophant and ask actresses ‘what they’re wearing’. THEN he even infiltrated hosting the beauty pageants that I would occasionally turn on for some corny laughs and bathings suits! I couldn’t escape this clown! God, the guy really made me want to smash my television just by seeing his smug little face.

I’ll never forget one of the the last times I watched this idiot. It was around the time Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was coming out. I’ve blogged about this story before by the way. It had been twenty years that fans were waiting for Harrison Ford to return to the role. They had us all pumped up for this movie. This was at the point we still had hope that the movie could be pretty good, you know, before we all saw it.

This nitwit had Ford there at Cannes and could ask him any questions about the movie he wanted. But what did this imbecile do? He gave Ford a pair of speedos and suggested he wear them to the premiere. The end. ‘Ok coming up next on Access Hollywood…’.

It was a good thing I didn’t have anything nearby to throw at the TV. I’ve looked for that Bush/Ford clip, but can’t find it anywhere. They probably realized there was absolutely zero value to it, no one will ever want to see it again and they just threw it in a dumpster and lit it on fire.

Billy Bush Miss Universe hostWhat an a-hole this guy is.

For the longest time I didn’t even realize he was related to the ‘famous’ Bush family. I just didn’t make the connection. Maybe the red in my eyes I had everytime he appeared blinded me to that.

This entertainment jester host seemed like he came off an assembly line in some kind of warped manufacturing plant that specialized in making the most talentless, hollow, phony, obnoxious television personalities ever. They inspected him making sure all his parts would cause people headaches and unleashed him onto the airwaves.

Despite me obviously not being a fan of his, I guess others were. This guy lasted for a long time on Access Hollywood. I had no idea this douchebag moved over to doing The Today Show until this tape thing broke. I have no idea how or why people would ever tune in to watch him, why they would hire him or what skills he brings to any kind of hosting or interviewing to a program, other than that big plastic grin of his. There’s gotta be better people you can get to read off a teleprompter who will have a more likable personality than Billy Bush!

But oh man, I had such a big smile on my face when this scandal came down and lovable Mr. Billy Bush got caught up in this Trump tape storm! I can’t express the glee I felt! Ok, I know it’s not right to take joy in the misfortunes of others….but I just can’t help it! Burn Billy burn!!!

Billy Bush Donald Trump scandal Access Hollywood leaked tapePeople are going to argue about whether his participation in that Trump audio warrants him getting canned or if what he said and did is forgivable, if he’s just collateral damage in a sneak attack NBC was planning on Trump or whatever – I’m just happy that he’s taking so much heat for this regardless and now looks like a little pompous jerk to millions of people – something that I always thought he was.

I would have preferred if The Billy Bush Downfall was due to the world finally shaking off the haze in their heads that has allowed to give this guy so much television time through the years. It would have been great if everyone suddenly got their senses back, realized there should be standards to appear on American airwaves and seriously ask Billy, “Uh, why are we employing you?”, but I’ll settle for this.

The stuff that was said that he got caught laughing at and saying is probably the worst thing possible to the ears of all those women out there tuning in to watch him on The Today Show. That can’t possibly endear him to them at all. If you want to see some of the reactions he’s personally been getting just look at his twitter feed. Oh wait, he deleted that already. Well, his Facebook page is still up last I looked, so you can read some of the charming comments there. Most of them are saying his ass should be dismissed and they never want to see him again.

By the way ladies, there are other daytime programs you could have been watching other than The Today Show with Billy Bush. There are alternatives on the dial. Why did you waste your time watching Billy Bush??? Even I Love Lucy reruns is worth more of your time!

One of the funniest things I’ve read is how one of the reasons Bush’s job is in jeopardy with this Trump tape scandal is because he’s part of the ‘NBC news organization’.

The words ‘Billy Bush’ and ‘news’ should never be uttered in the same sentence.

Billy Bush idiot Jennifer Lopez interview Access HollywoodWhat kind of company would welcome this dope into their ‘news organization’. It’s not like he’s Edward R. Murrow! He asked beauty contestants if they felt nervous and if actresses were excited before an awards show, then he’d make insipid comments.

Ok, sure Murrow begrudgingly did his Person To Person show, but that was like Murrow slumming it. Billy Bush’s career is completely slumming it. It’s not like he has any other talent. That really says a lot for the standards NBC holds for their ‘news reporting’ staff.

Billy Bush acts like such a kiss ass nitwit on the air, why should it surprise anyone that he does the same thing on the Trump tape? I also don’t understand why this old 2002 interview he did with Jennifer Lopez where good old Billy Bush asked her about her butt is just now getting attention. Are people on some kind of decades-long delay with realizing what kind of idiocracy this imbecile contributed to the airwaves? I just don’t get that.

Billy Bush idiot annoying scandal firedI felt further vindicated for my strong dislike towards this featherbrained jackass when more shameful stories have come out about his history. Folks who worked with him not saying very pleasant things about their experiences. Publicists who were forced to deal with his arrogant attitude and saying he was always ‘rude and lewd’ towards them and their clients.

And, a story hit from someone who used to goto school with good old likable Billy Bush and she revealed how he bullied her incessantly. When this girl finally stood up for herself and asked him, ‘Why are you picking on me?’, Billy’s supposed arrogant reply was, “Do you know who my uncle is?”

That girl clearly knew Billy’s big Bush connection before I did. What a little troll. It appears he always was a self-entitled twit.

So Bush is ‘suspended’ right now from Today and it’s looking like he won’t be back welcoming the morning audience to anymore new days. It doesn’t matter much to me since I don’t watch morning television, but it makes me feel good that Bush is being so universally hated. Finally, I’m not alone! The paparazzi caught him outside an airpot or somewhere and surprisingly that big fake grin of his was nowhere to bee seen. I’m going to continue following the latest on this and will be celebrating when it’s official that this ass-hat is permanently gone.

Unfortunately, they’ll probably just replace him with a new television blockhead who’ll get all those stupid hosting gigs. It doesn’t seem like there’s a shortage of them around. They’ll just pick a new one off the assembly line. At least it will be a different annoying face to see.

And any Billy Bush fans can take solace that he’ll probably pop up somewhere again down the road. Someone will hire him once all this blows over and he does a big apology interview. I even heard Dancing with the Stars wants him on their show. Worse comes to worse he’ll be doing a podcast from his basement or something.

Billy Bush Nancy O'Dell Access Hollywood tv hostsOne last thing, Nancy O’Dell is mentioned in this scandalous recording of Trump and Bush. I always had a crush on O’Dell. I would occasionally tune into Access Hollywood for a few minutes just to see what she was wearing. I’m speaking ‘locker room’ talk here. Hey, I’ll admit it!

Now it’s being speculated that Bush was the main reason O’Dell left the show and jumped onboard Entertainment Tonight. They’re basically the same show, but over at ET O’Dell didn’t have to deal with the annoying Billy. Supposedly his egotistical attitude became just too much for her to deal with.

When this all came out I reflected back on Access Hollywood and another scandal that erupted back in 2005 when nutty, sordid voicemails came out from O’Dell’s co-host Pat O’Brien. This poor lady must of hated going to work at that place.

I don’t think Mary Hart ever had these kind of problems with John Tesh.

4 thoughts on “Farewell To ‘The Most Annoying Man In Show Business’ – Billy Bush!

  1. Russia is about to nuke us because of Hillary's crimes, including selling weapons to ISIS and other terrorist organizations, that you are actually listening to the mainstream media with all of this Trump bullshit, let alone writing a whole piece about this douchebag? Wow, just wow!

  2. I think you spoke too soon. We have not seen the last of this Jackass. I bet he will resurface somewhere with his sex buddy Trump, most likely as his press spokesman. Yep, 2016 was truly a horrible year..

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