When you’re sick do you really care what kind of tissues you use to blow your nose

box of tissues

I’ve been sick for awhile. And instead of having my nose run I’ve been using that old standard –tissues to wipe my nose. When I ran out of them I had to pick up a new box and was surprised to see how many different types of decorative boxes they come in. I’ve never thought much about tissues. Who thinks about tissues???

I always thought it was kinda weird how candles have now become a tool in decorating. People used to only use the things to be able to see at night, now it’s to provide some atmosphere to a room and help convey the mood of what the designer is trying to say when you walk into a joint. ( I know, I know, Jilly…yeah partylite…calm down…this isn’t a personal attack!)

But now tissue boxes? These things come in so many different boxes and patterns and colors you have to stop and think which one would suit your room the best. “I can’t get that paisley one, that would clash with the room. These taller squarer boxes would take up less room on the nightstand, but they might block out more light than the flater rectangle ones. I should really get the plain white tissues and not the yellow or blue available. The white one I think would look more classy – like an elegant gentleman holding a handkerchief”.

Then reality hit and I realized “who cares!”. I’m walking thru the store with a bright red nose, hair a mess, looking like I just crawled out of bed and I’m worried about how the tissue box is going to look in the room??? What’s wrong with me??? I just want to wipe my nose with the junk!

Finally, I grabbed the nearest box and started heading for the checkout.

I dread the next time I’m out shopping for toilet paper that this decorative mood hits me again…..

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