Five Uplifting Things


Feeling down? Here’s five things that will lift your spirits up

Five Uplifting Things Make You Smile

A letter.

What a nice relief from bills and junk mail to get a genuine unexpected written letter from someone. It’s a rare thing nowadays. Usually people use greeting cards and with any luck write a personal message in them. I like reading what they have to say, rather than the poem that Hallmark stamped on it.

Freshly cut grass.

Don’t even say it! I’m talking about the kind that grow on soil people! You know, like a front lawn. I’ve been running into that scent more and more lately with the warmer weather. I don’t know why, but I love that smell. Maybe unconsciously it signals to me spring and new life and all that. I don’t know. Fortunately I don’t go into a sneezing fit like some people when they get a whiff of it.

A refreshingly cold drink on a hot day.

I’m not talking about a lukewarm or semi-cold drink – I’m talking about a cold drink! One that was cold coming out of the fridge and even colder once you poured it over some ice. You gulp it down in a few mouthfuls. The ice doesn’t even have a chance to melt. Very soothing!

Having a quiet moment with wildlife.

A few weeks ago I went outside and out in the yard was a little brown bunny rabbit. This is what’s considered wildlife in my town. It was the first time I ever saw a rabbit in the yard. I’ll occasionally see sightings of possums, skunks and raccoons who immediately dart away once I show up. Anyway, I sat down and he didn’t panic and run away immediately. So I just hung out watching the rabbit for a few minutes. The whole thing sort of reminded me of the deer scene from Stand By Me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – rent it. Finally, he jetted off to wherever. It was pretty cool. Hopefully he made it across the street ok.

A brand new pair of socks.

Didn’t Charlie Brown say that? Now, that’s a philosopher you can trust. Seriously, what’s better than new socks? You get that soothing sensation once you slip those on and it’s invigorating. Instinctively I always flex my toes in them.

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