I’m Surrounded By Orange Cones!


Being surrounded by orange construction cones while road repairs are taking place

orange construction cones

Wow! You ever get the feeling no matter what road you plan to travel, your going to run into construction.

I realize all these road repairs and improvements have to be done during the warmer weather, so now is the time to start this stuff. But come on! This past week I’ve come across three construction crews on major highways, a handful of smaller ones on residential roads and now one of the main intersections in the middle of town is getting overhauled. Of course all these lead to endless backups and that terrible predicament of having to slowly creep thru that pattern of orange cones to get thru it all.

I’m not a fan of driving anyway. You already have to deal with paying tolls, traffic, rising gas prices, and of course inconsiderate drivers! There’s so many things you could list about them it could take up a book. Now on top of all that, its torn up pavement and waiting for a guy with an orange vest to wave you thru it.

When I first got my license I was so psyched! I envisioned cliched images of riding to the beach on the open road in a red convertible with a bevy of chicks and a Beach Boys song playing. All these pet peeves and irritations never entered that delusion. I never factored in the sea of orange signs and flashing lights laying in front of me, on top of the MIA bikini babes!

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