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Some thoughts on the trailer for Man of Steel

Man of Steel trailer

So Warner Brothers gave Superman fans a yuletide treat by releasing the first trailer for 2013’s Man of Steel. Supes has been off the big screen since 2006. Smallville isn’t around anymore. So Man of Steel will finally give us a much needed Superman fix.

And what do I think of what I’ve seen so far?

It looks alright.

Honestly, I wasn’t exactly blown away by it. It’s one of those trailers that really doesn’t reveal too much of the story we can expect to see. It’s more designed to indicate the tone of this particular Superman movie. It’s going to have some drama along with the action. I think the Enya-type of singing is supposed to really help point that out. Supes is going to be carrying some heavy burdens that will be haunting him throughout the movie. So it doesn’t look like this Superman will be smiling at the camera much.

Man of Steel Superman Henry Cavill copyKevin Cosner’s Jonathan Kent telling the young Clark to keep his gifts a secret. And a line I really like when Clark asks him “What was I supposed to do? Let him die?” and Jonathan replies “maybe”.

It doesn’t seem Costner will have as warm and optimistic attitude that we would typically expect from Pa Kent.

It appears us humans aren’t too welcoming of Superman, as we see him handcuffed being escorted by guards. Not only will he have to be dealing with Michael Shannon’s General Zod, flashing back through another retelling of his origins with Russel Crowe’s Jor-El, but also all us Earthlings will be giving him grief. Luckily he’ll be getting some sage advice from Diane Lane’s Ma Kent. I’m sure there will be some problems with Amy Adams’ Lois Lane as well.

Everyone will be talking about Christopher Nolan’s involvement and the influence his Bat-films will have on Man of Steel. Gritty. Darker. We’ll be hearing all of that. If this trailer is accurate it does show that this will be the case for this Superman.

We get some glimpses of some action, shots of the cast and nice carefully designed visual shots of Supes flying standing, looking.

I’m still not sure what kind of Superman Henry Cavill will be though. It seems all the footage we’ve seen so far from the movie focuses more on young Clark and a bearded Cavill. Maybe they’re trying to keep him wearing the cape close to the chest for now and just want to tease us. Is it just me or does Cavill’s cape look really long. Looks like he’ll trip on that thing. I still can’t get a clear handle of how he’ll look in his full Superman outfit.

Man of Steel Superman in Chains copyThere looks to be some cool Superman action. Some nice visuals of destruction raining down on citizens and some potentially interesting obstacles, both physical and mental, that Cavill’s Superman has to overcome. All that sounds great.

I have two big concerns with Man of Steel. Amy Adams. I just don’t see her as Lois Lane. I thought she was an odd choice when she was first cast and I still think something is off about her in the role.

Granted we only see one fleeting shot of her in this trailer, but I don’t know. She seems very far removed from the Lois Lane I picture in my mind. Maybe they’ll have a different slant on the character or something, but for now she’s the one cast member that doesn’t work for me. And that’s a pretty major part! I don’t think she’s as bad a choice as Kate Bosworth was though. 

Man of Steel Superman Amy Adams Lois Lane copySecond, is Zack Snyder directing. I am not a huge Snyder fan. I usually think of him as focusing more on spectacle, visuals and action than the characters involved in all of it. There’s a bit more style over substance with a lot of his flicks. I know he has a lot of fans, but I’m not really in that camp. Although I did really like Dawn of the Dead. But that wasn’t for the memorable characters.

I am looking forward to seeing Man of Steel, I’ll go see it. Who am I kidding? Of course I’ll see it. It would be nice to be surprised and maybe the next trailer will really send my hopes soaring. But so far I’m keeping my expectations on the ground with it.


3 thoughts on “Man of Steel Trailer Review

  1. So….dark tourtured Superman. Well that worked so well for Spiderman 3. Why not use the template. Whiney can't find myself who am I guy. Oh boy. The lines for that will break records. Maybe I expect too much of Superman but he is Superman for Pete's sake! Maybe this is part of a bigger picture like Casino Royale. Our hero finds himself here to become the man that will appear in a long line of sequels. (That will be awesome)Or a HBO weekly series whoo hoo that would kick Boardwalk Empires ass. I guess eh I really see Superman as sooo much more. He is the Almighty Sulten the Overlord the King of all superheros. They are called superheros because of Superman. I digress, I hope this is good I will watch with an open mind but I will be crushed if this is a cheap attempt to cash in on Batman. They are polar opposites. Batman is the cool kinda phycho bad ass. Superman is the I'm so bad ass I gotta check myself and be nice guy because I'm sooo frigging powerful if I get pissed enough I'll destroy the word. So everyone just be happy I'm the nice one. I'm so filled with niceness that all the other superheros wish they were me. That's the guy I want to see not hybrid Batsuperguy. Please be good please be good please be good If I say it 3 times it will happen.

  2. Sounds brilliant, like a new take on the character of Superman that i’ve wanted to see for a while. I hope these clips of footage are as good as this man makes the out to be, i haven’t seen any Snyder films maybe i will because if anything they do sound like a great time so maybe i’ll give 300 a shot, but in the trailers i feel that a lot of the shots are easily made out to be CGI or something like that but maybe in this film he’ll challenge himself and his crew by stepping things up a notch and making them look more realistic.

    Can’t wait for Man of Steel sounds like its going to be great.. 😀

  3. I think Henry Cavill is fine as Superman, he has a really good performance and brings a new Superman for the modern era – But the weakest aspect of this movie has yet to come is the Lois Lane/Clark Kent/Superman relationship. Amy Adams has turned in a bad performance as Lois Lane, but in a movie which is quite tight and focused, this aspect was the weakest link. It kind of sticks out. The character on her own is fine, and her little crew are a very pleasant addition, but I don't think another billion grossing movie is out of the question if word of mouth is good like I think it will be. If this movie bombs, we may as well not bother with Superman in the future. This is pretty much as good as it gets for a foundation laying movie.

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