Man of Steel Teaser Trailer Debuts


A reaction to the teaser trailer to the new Superman film Man of Steel

Man of Steel teaser trailer

The drums have started beating to herald the return of Superman to movie screens with the new Man of Steel teaser trailer. Now that all separates us from seeing a new Supes film is a year of wait.

It’s funny, the promotion of a new films seem to get earlier and earlier. Movie studios want to get curiosity raised and anticipation rolling well before a film is due to hit theaters. Although I love Superman, I found it kind of tough to get all geared up for this when I saw the words “Next summer”. I’m still enjoying this summer for goodness sake!

Besides that, this trailer doesn’t offer much in a way of a story or characters or really much of anything. It’s mainly just the announcement to movie audiences that Superman is returning – maybe that’s a bad way to phrase it….that Superman is coming back.

I’m still unsure of Zack Snyder as director. Although I’ve enjoyed some of his films I always thought of him as more in love with the visual style in his films than the characters or story and that’s kind of left his movies feeling flat to me.

I really like the casting of Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent. For some reason Costner has always been able to deliver the most corny dialogue with sincerity and make me swallow it. Well, most of the time. That stuff in The Postman no one could make fly. So hearing give advice to Clark Kent is a great way to design a trailer around.

I think I’m with everyone else and the verdict is still not in on Henry Cavill as Superman. I don’t think anyone will be sold on him until they finally see the film. He has the looks, but for playing the character that’s just the beginning.

I do find it somewhat amusing that for the first time we’re getting a Superman movie, without ‘Superman’ in the title. I wonder if that had anything to do with success of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and the filmmakers thought they would shake up things with this title too.


3 thoughts on “Man of Steel Teaser Trailer Debuts

  1. I don't know if you catch that Comic Con trailer, but had more of the action stuff. Like these two official trailers the movie doesn't feel like a Zack Snyder at all from the trailer. Many people even me got more of a Terrence Malick vibe, then any of the flashy stuff like "Sucker Punch". It's sure follows the same type of tone like the "Batman Begins" teaser. One of the reason why "Men of Steel" title is being used is because the Superman estate is involve in a major lawsuit with the creators family. It's very strange cause everything from the powers to the saying's like "Faster then a Speeding bullet" and "Krypton" origins are being held by the family creators which WB can't use unless they pay for the license for it. It's much like the James Bond lawsuit that that happen with Kevin McClory where he got to own some of the Bond rights even "Spectre" and the character "Blofeld". That why you hearing reports that Superman will have crazy powers and reboot the origins to be verge enough that it can be cannon to the comics or films if the lawsuit is won by WB or settlement is made. Also you got to remember. Avengers made 1 Billion dollars and know WB is getting their act together and trying to put Justice League movie on the fast track, but won't be seen until 2015. A lot is riding on "Men of Steel" cause "Dark Knight Rises" is not suppose to be cannon to "JL" cause the tone of the movie. And DC say's only "Man of Steel" is their only film until "JL" and with Arrow TV show and the Rocksteady Batman video games. That all the DC content they plan. Kinda of slim. But hey at least their's hope for DC to make a comeback and steal some of Marvel thunder.
    Hey Hap. I got a question about your Superheroes series. I notice you miss a couple of live action DC TV shows from the 70's. One is called "Shazam!" the other called "Isis" which had cross-over ep. I wonder if you be go back to catch some ones you miss? Also, is TV shows from the 80's like "Manimal" or "Knight Rider" be part of the Super Hero series? Also, you post that video of "The Avengers" based on those 70's TV shows. The one with the guy in the Robot suit was a failed TV pilot. I saw the whole thing on i09 site and wonder if you would review that one since it was a complete finish pilot?
    Anyway, I'm a bit bum that Zack and Zimmer won't be using the John Williams theme, but they are trying to create a Superman for today's audience. I just wish they could use it or slip it in somewhere. Star Trek reboot did it at the end of that movie.
    Here's hoping for the sun.

  2. Ok let me get this right diffrent powers, no krypton, no Superman music? Uh, sounds like recipe for disaster. One of my fondest childhood memories was seeing the original Superman movie (yes in a theater). One of the reasons Bond is so sucessful is there are certain things that never change. Actors come and go but the music puts you where you need to be. Remember Nerver say never again? Just wasn't the same even with Connery.
    There are certian things about Superman that are what make him, well Superman. You can't make a Batmany Superish guy and call him Superman because he is the polar oppisite of Batman. This has disaster written all over it. After seeing the preview I thought it was s fishing movie. (Bravo WB) Superman returns for all its flaws and there are many got the essance of Superman right. He's good and is stuck on Lois and saving the world. If only Luthor made Lexcorp and not the island of nothing, oh the potential.
    Here's to hoping for the sun.

    1. I don't really mind them not using the famous John Williams score. Of course it's great, but it's so identifiable with the Chris Reeve films. I think losing it will distance Man of Steel from them, force them to stand on their own and be its own separate retelling of a Superman story.

      This different powers stuff…..this is news to me and I've just started hearing about this. Doesn't sound good. I was wary about the behind the scene glimpse of the costume, they kind of looked weird. But Superman needs his traditional powers. I wonder what kind of crazy new ones they might be giving him – if that's true.

      Chester great observation about the teaser looking like a fishing movie!!! LOL! It does kind of make me feel like I'm about to watch A Perfect Storm or tune into Deadliest Catch. :o)

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