Superhero Films – Supergirl (1984)


A review of the 1984 superhero movie Supergirl starring Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter O’Toole, Brenda Vaccaro, Peter Cook and Marc McClure

Supergirl Helen Slater

Chapter 25 in my ongoing Superhero Series has arrived! I can’t believe I did twenty-five of these. I figured I would never reach double digits with these reviews. Alas, I’m still churning them out every now and then. This time I take a look at the 1984 superhero film Supergirl.

Helen Slater makes her film debut as Superman’s Kryptonian cousin Kara. She travels to Earth to retrieve the vital Omegahedron which powers Argo City her funky looking home world. The Omegahedron is vital to the survival of the citizens who spend their days wandering around funky walkways wearing loose fitting garments.

Unfortunately, the Omegahedron has landed in the hands of the evil witch Selena (Faye Dunaway) who plans to use it for her own sinister purposes and isn’t too willing to give it up. Now Kara finds herself in a battle against Selena with the highest stakes imaginable. The survival of her home world and to save the Earth from domineering Selena looking to make all of us her slaves.

Here’s just a handful of questions this movie offers up –

Will Supergirl be able to adapt to Earth culture?

Will she be able to keep her Earthling alias Linda Lee a secret?

Do Kryptonians enjoy spending the afternoon at Popeye’s munching on some chicken?

How will Kara handle her first kiss by the hands of a hunky landscaper?

Did Peter O’Toole ever imagine he would be onscreen doing some kind of wild intergalactic squirt drug?

Should Faye Dunaway be more embarrassed for her performance in Mommie Dearest or as Selena?

Why does Marc McClure’s Jimmy Olsen look so confused in this movie?

And doesn’t it seem awfully convenient that Superman happens to have stepped out of the galaxy at this very moment and miss all this fun?

What was meant to begin a second ‘Super’ franchise for producers Alexander and Illya Salkind, ended with one super notorious film. I check out Supergirl and see if it’s a misunderstood gem or a complete cinematic bust.

Superhero Films – Chap. 25: Supergirl from HaphazardStuff on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Superhero Films – Supergirl (1984)

  1. Good review. God help when you reach "Steel". Ugh! That was a sinker. Did you catch Lucy Lane reading the "Hulk" comic book in this movie. Supposedly it's in the movie and has some weird connection to the Marvel Vs. DC comic they did later where Hulk fights Superman.
    You know what this movie reminded me of…Green Lantern movie. I felt the say way only angrier.

    1. That's funny I noticed Lucy reading a comic book, but didn't pick up that it was a Hulk comic. That's a pretty unusual connection they're making. Very subtle!

  2. Another great review. I was actually curious about this film after finally watching all the Superman flicks but I guess it would just be a waste of time. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on Superman 4.

  3. I had a crush on Helen Slater, when I first saw this when I was a kid, but thanks for pointing out awfulness of it.

  4. I Heard Once 'Supergirl'-(1984.) Was Rushed Into Production Why? GREED Thats' Why. But Look What Happens' When A Movie Is Rushed Into Production Look At 'Batman And Robin'-(1997.) On Second' Thought Lets' Not Shall We. The Music-Score By Jerry Goldsmith Is Pretty Good. Helen Slater Is Pretty Good In The Title Part. The Part Where She Flies For The 1st Time Is Magical Every Time She Flies Over A Lake/Ocean It Is Pretty Good.

  5. I Forgot 1 More Thing I Always' Wondered About What Was 'Supermans'/'Supergirls' Boots. Made Out Of Anyway? They Dont' Look Like They Are Made From Leather.

  6. Yea friend … good review but … this is the formula for this kind of movies: Superman , Batman , Spiderman they all use this formula !! These movies are for kids . I don't watch them anymore . Not even the Cristopher Nolan ones !!

  7. Nice review. It kinda reminded me of your Die Another Day review when you were sighing and stuff on all the dumb things that were going on. I just watch this movie today prior to watching your review. Granted I hadn't seen this movie in over ten years and I didn't remember most of it, but now I know why. Very boring at times, things didn't makes sense. I think I prefer Superman III over this one.

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