The True Story of ‘Into The Wild’ and Heartless Collectors


The story of Into The Wild is a fascinating, tragic one, and heartless collectors are disturbing and robbing the site of Christopher McCandless’ death

Into the Wild true story movie

I was watching Into The Wild, the film about the true story of Christopher McCandless who abandons his life to live in the Alaskan wilderness. He ended up dying in an abandoned bus that he had found there and was living out of.

I thought it was fascinating. Afterwards I came online to get some more info about the story (I’d like to read the book the film is based on). I went onto youtube thinking that there might be something on there. Of course there was. Some guys made their way to the bus that is still sitting out there and made a video documenting their expedition.

Going to find the old rusty bus that Chris spent his last remaining time at has become a pilgrimage for some people. The bus still has a lot of his belongings in it . It was interesting to see what’s in there and how many people have ventured out to essentially the middle of nowhere to visit this makeshift memorial.

What pissed me off was the revelation that some items have gone missing from the bus since the popularity of the story, which these visitors noted. I later read these items ended up on ebay.

I was depressed being reminded at how low people can sink.

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