Unknown White Male (2005) – A Review


A review of the 2005 documentary Unknown White Male about a man who is struck with complete amnesia

Unknown White Male documentary amnesia

Chronicling the experiences of Doug Bruce, who one day awoke at Coney Island with total and complete amnesia, the film recounts his journey of finding out about his life he doesn’t remember having. His mind is a blank slate and he explores with innocence and wonder every little facet of the world around him that he’s forgotten.

It’s an intriguing beginning to a story where we start to follow Doug and see him try to piece together his life, along with all the tiny things that we take for granted.

There is some speculation the film is a hoax, just an elaborate put on. Whether you want to believe the validity of the claims is up to you and you can read all about that.

Whether fake or not, the film does present such an interesting premise it does get you thinking. How would you react to tasting chocolate for the first time, of seeing snow? Would your closest, oldest friends still be your friends if you had met them today? What would happen if all of a sudden you had the reset button pushed on everything that you ever knew and what you experienced in the past? Would you still be the same person you are today or someone completely different?

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