Anvil!: The Story Of Anvil (2008) – A Review


A review of the 2008 documentary Anvil!: The Story of Anvil about the heavy metal band

Anvil Story of documentary heavy metal

We’ve all seen This Is Spinal Tapand while watching this documentary you can’t help but be reminded of it. But where Spinal Tap played the declining career of a once popular heavy metal band for laughs, The Story of Anvil shows a similar situation in a much more serious vain.

The members of Anvil, most notably lead singer Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow, continue doing what they love to do and continue to hope to recapture some of their past success, despite increasingly frustrating events make it seem more reasonable to hang it all up.

I’m not a heavy metal fan by any stretch, but the tenacity and passion the band continues to do with what they love and not willing to give up caught me up in their struggle and had me rooting for them in all the way through.

Here’s the trailer


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