Wonder Woman Trailer #3 Thoughts


Some thoughts about the third trailer for DC/WB’s Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright and Danny Huston

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman DC WB Trailer 3

So Warner Brothers has released another trailer for DC’s Wonder Woman. This is the the third trailer for their highly anticipated superhero film starring Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess.

I think they should of stopped with their last trailers.

While the previous ones had peaked my interest and made it look like this was the decent movie DCEU desperately needs, I had a very lukewarm reaction to this newest trailer.

Gal Gadot Chris Pine Wonder Woman CGI backgroundThis time it looked like a much more generic, average movie. Nothing new shown really stood out to me, only that I thought the newer included clips didn’t look all that great.

I think they’re calling this ‘The Origin Trailer’. Yeah, apparently now we’re not only getting teasers for actual trailers, but they’re actually being given titles. No idea when this became a thing. I could have waited for seeing her ‘origin’ in the movie itself.

It being an ‘Origin Trailer’ we see Diana as a little girl, growing up, getting trained, getting really good, it basically looks like an abridged version of the first half hour of the movie. It didn’t look like anything special.

They teased us some of the island parts in the other trailers and I think they probably would have been better holding off showing us this added stuff. It started to become one of those ‘cliffsnote’ trailers. It would have been nicer letting us see it in the actual film, but today no one wants to wait to see stuff in the actual movie itself.

The rest of it is a collage of action bits sprinkled throughout and again I didn’t think it looked much different than the usual big explosions, muddy looking CGI backgrounds and more of those slowed/sped up fighting shots that we see in plenty of other flicks. The climax looks like it takes place at Danny Huston’s military compound at night (I’m guessing). It started to look reminiscent of that Batman v Superman ending fight – and that’s not what I want to be reminded of.

Wonder Woman movie DC superhero Gal GadotThe ending explosive fighting stuff didn’t look nearly as good as the smaller scale battles, like when Diana is shown fighting regular soldiers on the battlefields and in that town. Maybe it’s because those scenes look a bit realer, it’s more of a realistic scenario that we can identify with, rather than those wild CGI effects of Gadot bouncing all around. Her throwing a car looks cooler than her jumping through a concrete wall and big explosions with lightning flashing all around. I don’t know.

They also try to end the trailer on a humorous beat like the last ones. It’s not really that funny and they should have stopped with the first secretary joke we saw. It could be the only comical bits come from the scenes between Gadot, Pine and that secretary.

The text is kind of funny though – ‘Witness the future of Justice’. They’re really trying to tie her movie into Justice League. Captain America: The First Avenger beat them to the punch of using a subtitle as a setup to their team movie, so I guess orange text in the trailer will have to do for Wonder Woman.

So this trailer number three – got me more concerned than excited. They should have stopped while they were ahead with the other trailers. Those were enough. All this last trailer did was get me apprehensive about this, had me take a step back and be reminded all this hype could explode in fans faces and be a big explosive CGI bust – just like all the other DCEU movies have been.

We’ll see.


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