An Ominious Bond Article


Entertainment Weekly has a cover story about the tumultuous situation about the current state of the James Bond franchise and how it’s currently on hold

Entertainment Weekly James Bond cover story

Hey Bond fans just thought I would give you a heads up on the magazine article in the recent edition of Entertainment weekly if you haven’t seen it already. A cover story on James Bond!

Unfortunately with the headline ‘Goodbye Mr. Bond’ it’s not something to get excited about. It would have been so much nicer if it were some news on the next film involving casting, locations, plot and when we can expect to see it, rather than…..well probably the worst news fans could get.

I’m not going to recount the whole article, but simply say it details what is going on with the Bond series currently, why plans for the next film have been stopped and what the current state of MGM (Bond’s studio) is in and its potential future might be.

None of it is good news and the likelihood of us lining up for the next Bond film is beginning to look further and further away. Typically the Bond films have maintained a pretty consistent release schedule between on average two to three years. Now it’s looking like it will go much longer. Possibly this could eclipse the longest duration between films the series has had – six years (License to Kill ,1989 – Goldeneye, 1995).

It’s not really a record I was hoping to see broken.

James Bond article series trouble disaster problems lawsuitsAs you might guess, this could throw Daniel Craig’s participation as the current Bond in a tailspin. Since there’s no telling when production can be expected, by the time it does start, the producers and Craig might very well feel it’s better to part ways. It’s not inconceivable.

Since starring as Bond Craig’s career has taken off, he’s become a popular leading man and has been working consistently in a variety projects ever since. When bond finally returns it might be time for him to be yet again recast in another reboot of the franchise.

I still think the predictions by some that Bond might ‘never’ return to movie screens are a bit overboard though. One of the most popular fictional characters in history….he’s not just going to disappear like that. But there’s still no telling when we’ll see him again.

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