Skyfall News – The Song, Posters & Craig Signs For 2 More Bond Films!


The recent news about Skyfall, Adele will be singing the theme song, a reaction to the new film poster and Daniel Craig signs for two more James Bond movies

Skyfall movie poster

Some Skyfall news!

According to press reports British singer-songwriter Adele has recorded the title song for the upcoming 23rd Bond flick Skyfall.

There have been rumors about Adele doing a Bond song for months, so it shouldn’t be a surprise for most fans. It hasn’t been confirmed yet if the song that will accompany the opening credit sequence in the film will be aptly titled Skyfall. I would think it’s a good bet it will be.

My guess is that it will be one of those Bond songs that have the title of the film being repeated in the chorus constantly. I was thinking the Spice Girls might have had a shot at this gig. They’ve been getting a lot of exposure lately. Oh well, maybe for Bond 24.

In other Skyfall news the new UK poster for Skyfall has been revealed.

Skyfall UK PosterHere we have Craig in a relaxed Bond stance holding his Walther standing in front of the classic gun barrel. With the inclusion of the gun barrel in the teaser poster and now this one I would assume we’re going to get a gun barrel intro to open the film. It just seems like now we should expect it. Especially considering it’s Bond’s 50th anniversary. It would be a letdown if we don’t see Craig stroll across the screen and shoot at us to kickstart the movie.

In the background we see a hint of London. That’s probably there to confirm to the Brits their boy is back and will be playing in his hometown.

It’s very different compared to the U.S. version of the poster with Craig sliding on the ground aiming his Walther with the 007 logo behind him on a white background. I’m not really feeling this one.

It is a different design for a movie poster with the text on top and the image on the bottom, but I’m not really digging it. I’d much rather take the UK version. That one looks much cooler to hang up on the wall. Although I think I prefer the black and white teaser poster over both of these.

Skyfall US PosterIt’s been rumored that Daniel Craig was going to stay on for at least two more Bond films after Skyfall and now this has apparently been confirmed. Two more is what he’s committed to, so that will take him to Bond 25, but there’s no telling if he will do more after that.

As of now fans can expect Craig’s total number of Bond adventures to be five. That would rank Craig’s Bond third in the number of films he’d make, behind Roger Moore at seven and Sean Connery at six.

The studio has been alluding of wanting to get back to the two-year cycle of releasing Bond films, much like they did with Pierce Brosnan. That will definitely keep Craig busy for awhile and might not allow him much time to work on other film project. So it looks like we’ll be seeing Craig as 007 for awhile.

Lastly, now that the Skyfall promotion is really starting to heat up there have been also two UK banners featuring two of the characters from Skyfall.

The first being Berenice Marlohe as Severine, who is looking really good. Could she possibly be the hottest Bond Girl in the Craig films? Every picture I’ve seen of her she has looked really good, so I’m anxious to see her in action.

Skyfall Berenice Marlohe SeverineThen we have Ralph Fiennes. He doesn’t look as sexy as Marlohe, but maybe some women will dig him. What is interesting is his characters name – Mallory. There have been rumors that he will replace Judi Dench and become the new M. Could it be his character name is a setup so he can easily pick up that commanding initial?

Skyfall will be released in the UK on October 26 and in the U.S. November 9.

13 thoughts on “Skyfall News – The Song, Posters & Craig Signs For 2 More Bond Films!

  1. I heard a while ago that Craig had signed on for an additional five films, bringing his total up to eight.

    1. That was a statement made by producer Michael G Wilson about how many films he'd like Craig to make. I guess 2 films is the compromise – Craig's already said he's feeling a little old to be doing all the physical stuff and wants to avoid Roger Moore's embarrassment in A View To A Kill. So I imagine Wilson/Broccoli persuaded him to sign on for 2 more, and will attempt to persuade him for 2 more after that. Craig'll be happy with that arrangement because it allows him to see how he feels in 4 years' time.
      However, I do wonder if they'll stick to the 'one every two years' method, as the producers want Sam Mendes back, and Mendes keeps saying how grateful he is to have had 4 years to work on Skyfall.

    2. Ah that makes sense. Craig is my favorite Bond, but I would rather see him leave while he can still play the role effectively than see him play it well into his 50's like Roger Moore.

  2. I think 5 Bond Films is plenty. Daniel Craig, whilst handsome, is very rugged and his age will start to show soon. I think around Bond 25 (2016??) he would've fulfilled his term as 007. I think Michael Fassbender needs to be nred for the part. In 4-5 years he will just reach where Craig was when he starred in Casino Royale.

    And I DO hope Ralph becomes M, and the rumors of Naomie Harris's Eve becoming a field agent version of Miss Moneypenny is a great idea. With a new Q as well, Craig will now have an entourage unique to HIS films with a new M, Q, and Moneypenny.


  3. Thanks for keeping us up to date on these matters. I am bouncing off the walls with anticipation of Skyfall and now know we have more to look forward to. Speaking of anticipation I’m going crazy waiting for some more on the Bond and superhero series. The end of the Brosnin period where Craig stalks him was classic.

  4. The tradition is that, well depending on who you think Robert Browns M is anyway, that M's real name starts with M. Miles Messervy, Barbara Mawdsley and now we have Ralph Fiennes as Gareth Mallorey. So odds are he will become M and it will be the first time in the films that we will hear one of the M's full name.

    When it comes to Robert Brown it has, as far as I know, never been confirmed if his M was Admiral Hargreaves or Miles Messervy. Though I like to think it's the former. Browns M was good but felt a bit different then Lees and Bernard Lee fits more with the Fleming description of the character and it seems natural that he retired from the position.

  5. 1st I had to ask Mr. Hap this. Have you seen Sky TV James Bond diving action montage with all the Bonds? I wanted to know what your felling about that was. Rip-off or honor? I couldn't help to think that Sky TV might has been influence by your James Bond series reviews a bit. The one thing I heard about Skyfall is get ready for a sad ending along the lines like On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Many fans were saying Casino Royale had a somewhat sad ending, but the so-called James Bond pro insiders called fowl because 007 say's "..the B**** is dead" taking that Bond had no felling, but I think they wrong about that just based on the sequel to QOS they did. So are we getting a meating ending to will change things. Be interesting. I notice as Skyfall lumes closer that we might we your Caino Royale review, which feels like perfect timing won't you say…lol.

    I would like to know if your going to do anything about the EON Documentary being release too. Already many critics are raving how good it is. They called it a lover letter to James Bond and all that. Might be worth a YouTube review.

    I looking forward to it all, the video game Legends where many say ripoffs the poster of Goldfinger, the books and blu-ray which what a set those are with a lot of new content. I heard a leak of the score by Thomas Newman on the ifly website and I have to say. It sound the same to David Arnold which I hope is not the case when the movie opens. The one thing I'm glad is Craig has the chance to end his run on Bond on a good note. All the actors who left the series never had a good movie for their last mission which many people including Hap series agree on. Maybe now that they know with Craig's timeline her might get a good final outing. Also, now ever before Skyfall hasn't been release yet talks are under way to get some more real talent to the series. Christopher Nolan, Duncan jones to Benedict Cumberbatch as the villain. i wonder how the producers pull that off..makes you wonder.

    Oh, one thing I suggest to your Superhero series is Manimal. You may have heard that Sony is developing a Manimal movie from the 80's TV show. This might be good for you heros review sereis, also there's a James Bond on connection in which the actor was rumor the role of 007 when Moore left. If you do the series, make sure you check out Glen L. Lason Nightman series from the 90's where Manimal appears in one episode with CGI effects.

    Well until Skyfall good lu…whoa i forgot you don't like that saying..kidding. Until the famous gun barrel and we all sing Skyfall. Let hope for a great movie. Which I heard early previews testing screening a good word of mouth on the leve of Casino Royale, but we see.

    1. Jimmy, I haven’t seen this Bond Sky TV montage so can’t say anything about it. I’m sure there are a lot of Bond things that have come out or will come out that I’ve been missing. It seems like a lot of projects are coming out with this renewed attention for 007’s 50th anniversary. I haven’t been able to keep up with it. You telling me about the documentary on EON is the first I’ve heard of it. Sounds interesting, I’d like to check it out.

      That was a great suggestion about Manimal. I remember when I wrote my original Superhero list down of films or shows to cover I did have it, I couldn’t find a copy of it and kind of just forgot about it. I’m going to search again and if I’m able to find it I’d definitely like to revisit it and check it out. I think it would fall right in the timeline where I left off with Superman 3 in ’83 so it could work out nicely. I'd like to keep that series as chronological as possible.

      BTW it’s sounding like there’s someone who actually has been keeping up with my blogs! That ‘good luck’ mention….that’s a pretty obscure Haphazard reference! You must be a hardcore fan! I love it! :o)

    1. It's being worked on. The goal is to get it done by the time Skyfall comes out. I had hoped it would have been done by now, but my free time to work on projects virtually disappeared recently. Hopefully I can manage it. I'll be sure to get the word out when it's completed.

  6. After skyfall comes out, can you make larger reviews of the past films?
    Also it would be really nice if you make reviews of the modern superheroe films like spiderman xmen thor hulk etc.

    1. The Superhero series was meant to be chronological, so the more recent superhero flicks are way down the list. I left off in 1983, so I'm going to pick up right there when I can get back to the next entry. It would be fun to just jump to Batman, Avengers, Spidey, but I figure I'll stick to my original guns and proceed year by year. I think it keeps that series somewhat different. Besides there are tons of people who've done video reviews of The Dark Knight, but how many did reviews of Super Fuzz and Puma Man! :o)

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