Pringles are pretty tasty and they also have a cool logo

Pringles potato chips

I was desperate for some potato chips the other day and the only ones I had available were Pringles. These were the plain ones in the red container. I’m not a huge fan of them, but I started munching away anyway. And I learned something: I hate Pringles!

Let’s leave out some of the facts. I won’t mention that I don’t like the container they come in. It’s just not right to me. I know that’s they’re gimmick and all, but potato chips should come in bags and be a bunch of random broken up shapes. They shouldn’t be all uniformed and nicely piled up.

When you dump potato chips in a bowl they should randomly be a mishmash of chips. They shouldn’t form a nice row of perfectly lined up chips and all look the same. I bet packing these things in cans are hurting their vending machine sales. I’ve never seen Pringles in any of them.

Pringles potato chips logoI don’t like this logo on Pringles either. This guy with the mustache…what is that? Who is this guy? Does he have a name? I’m sure it’s something like Mr. Pringles or probably something very high-concept like that, but as a logo he isn’t a lot of fun.

They must of recently revamped this guy. Now on the cans there’s a newer version of him. This one doesn’t look as much as he just stepped out of the 1920’s. But I can’t tell if that tuft of hair towards the top of his head is his hair or eyebrows.

Lastly, the taste. Pringles just taste boring to me. Granted I was eating the plain ones, but even as plain ones they tasted really bland. After two mouthfuls I realized the mistake I made and sealed that can back up and put it back. That’s one good thing I’ll give them- after you’re sick of them you can reseal that can a lot faster than a bag.

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