Beware of EDealMe – It’s A Scam


The website Edealme is a scam. It is a fraudulant website, don’t have the products they advertise and likely won’t ship you anything. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

Edealme scam review fraud ripoff

This is a warning about the website for online shoppers – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!

The website appears to sell wonderful appealing products. You might see advertisements for them on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. They use friendly looking photos and a nice warm font. DO NOT FALL FOR IT!

It’s all a scam! The EDealMe website makes it appear they are a reputable U.S.-based company with a catalog of glossy products. In reality they’re a scam website who only have overpriced, poorly made products that look nothing like they are advertised. They use video ads and photos from other sites to lure potential buyers in with low prices. You might think you’re going to get a great deal, but you’ll get something else – ripped off!

The odds of buyers actually receiving the products they advertise, if receiving anything at all, are slim to none. You’ll be out of the money you spent and be left with an overpriced knockoff product.

You will be given falsified tracking information for a package that has never shipped or a tracking number for an old package that had shipped previously, so it appears that something is headed your way when you look for it.

This sneaky move is meant delay the realization that you’ve been scammed. By the time you start to wonder ‘where’s my package and why isn’t it moving according to this tracking information?’ time will have passed making the likelihood of getting any reimbursement less likely. The odds are good that you are not getting a package and EDealMe will not be giving you a refund or even answer you when you try to contact them. 

Edealme website photo scam con ripoff online store
The Edealme website and social media uses cuddly, cute photos such as this to make it look like a trusting family friendly store – IT’S NOT!

It’s also worth noting if you use Paypal to send them a payment and suddenly realize you’ve been taken and proceed to file a dispute against them to get your money back, ‘EDealMe’ gives you pre-written message on Paypal that you will read that states – ‘Raising Disputes will freeze funds for 180 days’ and after kindly reminding you of this asks if you sure you want to continue to file this dispute? THIS IS ALL COMPLETELY UNTRUE!

YOUR PAYPAL FUNDS WILL NOT BE FROZEN IF YOU FILE A DISPUTE. This is simply another scheming way these scammers buy time from you, try not to draw attention to their scheme and attempt to frighten you not to sound the alarm bell about them.

You should also be aware, if you fall for making a purchase via Paypal, realize it’s a scam and file a dispute with Paypal to make them aware of what’s happening and try to get a refund, EDealMe (and all these scamming sites) have a plan to navigate around that – that ironically gets assistance from Paypal.

They will reply to your Paypal dispute by stating your package has been shipped and provide fake tracking information. These scammers seem to be fans of the package tracking site I assume it’s an easier tracking site for them to manipulate the information of the whereabouts of ‘shipment’.

Rather than watching your package travel closer to you, you’ll be looking at static locations of your mystery package that never seems to move at all or get to your doorstep – the package originating from China by the way. But hey, this is proof they sent you something right? Paypal will side with this ‘company’ on this dispute saying, “Well, we have to go by the provided tracking information and it says they mailed you something. That’s our policy. Yes, we understand they’re faking the tracking information, but that’s out of our hands. They win – refund denied!” 

Pretty clever huh? These scammers have it all worked out. They’re exploiting Facebook, social media and Paypal, finding loopholes in them and have figured out how to manipulate it all to steal money from unsuspecting victims – and there’s little you can do about it.

I’ve read from one victim who supposedly miraculously got a package from EDealMe, was looking for a refund for their goods when they saw it wasn’t the quality that they believed it would be. He said he was told to return the product back to China, which with the cost of that shipping wasn’t worth doing to recoup his money. And remember there’s no guarantee EDealMe would reimburse you if you follow their instructions anyway. 

Somehow Edealme has a presence on Facebook. How they’re allowed to advertise on there and have working, functioning pages is something I don’t understand or why it’s allowed. Either Facebook is unaware of who this ‘Edealme’ and all these scam pages are, how they are using the Facebook platform to lure victims into their trap OR they simply are ignoring their presence for some reason. I imagine they must have received complaints about the Edealme page and similar scam ads that pop up on Facebook. There’s even Facebook pages devoted to exposing and trying to warn users about these scam pages!

Edealme scam con Facebook online store profile
Edealme amazingly has a presence on Facebook, which adds an air of legitimacy to their online store (scam) and make users feel safe buying something from them. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Why Facebook allows them to advertise on their platform is baffling. They have multiple pages by adding a numerical value to their name.

It immediately becomes clear there is something strange going on when you search for ‘Edealme’ on Facebook and see their “page” and their latest posts are from over a year ago. Somehow they have comments and likes on some of their posts, which I’m betting are manipulated or stolen from other pages. They also have a page under the name ‘Edealme1’. That’s odd huh?

Just do a quick internet search for reviews from shoppers sharing their experiences from EDealMe. You don’t find much information about them at all! Strange huh? RED FLAG RIGHT THERE!

EDealMe was brought to my attention by someone who ordered some facial masks from them. Needing them quickly with the current pandemic situation, they saw one of their ads on Facebook, felt it was a good deal by what they saw and quickly ordered them.

Unfortunately, they never double-checked this EDealMe company. They never noticed their suspicious social media presence. Nor did they ever do a quick search for reviews or feedback by others who dealt with EDealMe. Oddly, you’ll see plenty of ‘happy customer’ comments under their Facebook posts. It’s likely those are manufactured and faked.

You can’t find any worthwhile information regarding them out on the internet. This might be due to this site recently popping up and is the current mask i.e. website name this scam is using at the moment. 

I suspect it’s one of those hit and run sites that will disappear just as quickly as it arose. It will probably eventually disappear, but will pop up again with another domain name with the same scam to run on online consumers. By the time shoppers share their negative experiences and ring the bell warning others to stay away from it will be too late. If anyone has information or insight into how this all probably works please comment below.

After a quick internet search I discovered that one ‘customer support’ email address they use – – also happens to be the same customer support email for some other ‘online shops’. Some with truly bizarre names.

ILikeDeal.Shop – – GTopStar – Topuest – NoDownRiver – DownSheep – SamORiver – AllPickT – SamOLike

EdealMe Scam Online Store ReviewI was told by someone there are countless ‘customer service’ email addresses with different names using their domain that cover many, many scam online stores. They might supposedly be representing different ‘companies’ and be found as the ‘customer service’ contact information for different online stores, but they will all give consumers the same ripped off results. If I started to list all the ‘online stores’ I found listed using this domain email address it would fill pages. 

They’re all scamming online sites under the same roof – and most likely there are even more out there. The websites all look quite similar to the simplified, slap together design of EDealMe. Most likely these crooks cast as wide a net as possible by creating as many online stores as they can to try to lure in as many victims as possible and get them to order a product by using a stolen ad on a social media platform, get money sent to them from victims, give victims fake tracking information for a package in order to not raise suspicions they’ve been scammed as long as possible. 

One common trend with these scamming websites who pose as a reliable online store is their ‘ABOUT US’ section. I’ve noticed it’s the same vague, friendly fuzzy sounding BS from site to site. One example is – “At our store, we love every passion and interest on earth because is is a reference to your uniqueness”. I assume they just copy and paste that ridiculous description from site to site they make and its meant to calm the nerves of potential victims and make them think that they’ve just entered a safe space – then they rob you. 

Edealme Facebook Ad Scam
Many of these scam sites use similar descriptions of themselves. They probably just copy and paste it into their latest scam website.

This was this one persons experience with that I was told. Now here’s at least one review of an online shopping experience out there regarding this website. It was upsetting and frustrating for them to realize they fell for one of these online shopping scams. They were very anxious to warn others about this, which is how I ended up writing about it here.

So, this is something of public service message to warn others not to fall for this scamming website or any of these others that are part of this ring. Hopefully this post regarding EDealMe will be found by other potential victims and if it saves one person from being ripped off by this site – or any these countless others – it will have been worth it.

So, if you do intend to order anything from or any of the other sites I mentioned be prepared that you’ll painfully eventually learn:







You’ve been warned! Hopefully this makes you aware of this now, before you shop there and send them money. My advice is – DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM! Just take your shopping elsewhere. And make sure it is a trustworthy site!!! 

If you’ve had your own experience with EDealMe – whether good or bad (though I suspect most would be bad) – or any of these other related sites, please feel free to comment and share your story about them. It’s apparent they won’t be willing to share any of their true customer stories. ALSO if you discover they’ve assumed a new identity and have a new website name they’re going by and using it to scam others, please let folks know.

Since first writing about this company scam, I’ve obviously been keeping track of updates of my friends transaction to see how it would end. Well, she finally reached the conclusion to it.

Her initial order of these facial masks from EDealMe took place on April 19, 2020. A package arrived on June 20, 2020 – that’s sixty-two days later.

She did get….masks….lowgrade, cheap and worthless. Not surprisingly they are nothing the fake ad these scammers advertised (or more like stole) showed they would be. Maybe you could use them as dust rags, but as for any beneficial facial protection – nope! It is quite surprising these scammers actually mailed her something. My first thought would be ‘why bother?’. But I suppose it’s a way for them to technically say they followed through with their end of the deal – even though the product isn’t even worth a tenth of the price they charged for it.

In that sixty-two days, Paypal offered zero help. It’s pitiful how inadequate their ‘customer assistance’ is in regards to this scam. It resulted in endlessly explaining the situation to them over and over again, trying to make them aware of this scam, how these crooks are exploiting loopholes in Paypal’s system, faking postal tracking sites and ripping off consumers with worthless products. But Paypal did nothing. 

Facebook ads scam con ripoff fake shopping advertisementFacebook continues to show these scammer ads and allow pages for these scamming companies that are solely set up to deceive their users, get them to make a purchase, get their money and give them worthless junk in return. 

I would imagine both Paypal and Facebook would rather do nothing to help their users and protect consumers and remain profiting from these scam ads – which when you start to look for them you’ll be shocked how widespread they are. It’s certain hundreds, if not thousands of victims get taken in by them everyday. 

Facebook getting the ad revenue from scammers who pay them to promote these scam ads to users and Paypal getting a percentage of each sales transaction is more than enough motivation for them to allow this criminal behavior to continue and not want to stop it. Money is more important to them than protecting potential victims to these scams. They do not care if people get ripped off by these scamming online stores and don’t feel the need to change their policies to help prevent them to happen.

Since writing this post the attention it has gotten has been quite staggering! Clearly, A LOT of folks are sadly falling victim to this EDealMe scam store or similar scam companies that advertise on Facebook. 

Paypal scam refund Facebook con no helpI’ve been contacted by many people telling me about additional similar scamming online store sites that follow the same method. They all follow the same techniques, are all scams, somehow have advertisements that appear on Facebook and use that presence and promotion to lure in victims from those pop up advertisements. 

Most of these scammers seem to be based out of China and are in the same ring. So here are the names of a few more to be aware of. If you do come across even more (it appears new ones pop up constantly – it’s like playing a game of whac-a-mole with these scammers –  I ask you to list them in the comment section in the hope that it will help make others be aware not to fall for them.

Samojoy US – Flamingo – Fully Blessed – By&Lucky7 – SamoBuy -Samogogogo01 – Samo4Gift – Joliann1 – Ifuntap – SXLJM


35 thoughts on “Beware of EDealMe – It’s A Scam

  1. Thank you for this! I was juuuuust about to order something from them that just seemed “too good to be true”, and I decided to look up some reviews and found this. I’m just gonna go right over here now, close that page out and try to block some FB ads lol.

    1. I’m very happy to hear you found this post and avoided getting taken from this scam site!!! This is exactly the reason why I felt compelled to write this post – the hope to save others from getting scammed by them. That’s great to hear Joy!

  2. Unfortunately, I got caught in their scam. Had I known the items were shipping from China, I never would have ordered. Have contacted the company to no avail. They respond but refuse my refund request. File a dispute through PayPal. I suspect I’m out the money.

  3. I got fooled too.

    Order summary
    【Mother’s Day Promotion】-Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Aluminum Laptop Desk Stand – ALUMINUM LAPTOP DESK(ROTATE 360 DEGREES ) / Black × 2

    A1 (-$7.99)





    $71.91 USD
    You saved $7.99

    I sent an email asking for an update and yes, they replied in broken English, ”
    John Doe

    Tue, Jun 9 at 4:12 AM

    Hi Sir/Madam,

    i am so sorry for the delay of the package,because the items is so popular and sold out.

    For show the apology of our delay, we would like to send the item with a special gift for you.

    Could you please wait a few days?

    Many thanks,


    I replied, “no thanks, please refund my money”. If I do not hear from them in a few days, I will contact my bank to dispute the charge.

    1. I was fooled by the ergonomic desk as well. I should have known. Thanks for the information.

  4. I too was taken by them I ordered that Ergonomic Laptop Desk on 11 May 2020, received it on 23 June 2020. It was missing the LEGS to adjust it..I also emailed “JULIA” fake name i suppose. I asked for a refund..paid with my Credit card..I didn’t get a RETURN Address to send it back, I’m out $39.99. There should be someone who can help us with these SCAM POS People.

    1. I paid the extra $10 for the adjustable height. What I got was a piece of junk. It doesn’t have the third set of legs, no mouse holder and no ventilation for laptop. It only works on the lap because no legs to stand. They offered refund, knowing shipping back to china is around $70. Complete rip off.

  5. Yep, I was fooled as well. Received a product 2 months after I ordered it and it was nothing like the description said. Of course I got the same run around asking for a picture of what I receive and then when I stated their refund policy clearly states 100%refund no questions asked they replied with “send the product back and we will look over it and once we agree it is not the right quality we will refund you”. Yeah right. Not going to happen. I will not waste another single dime on them and THAT is what they are counting on unfortunately.

  6. Another sucker here! Ordered 2…fake ergonomic desks my butt!!! My daughter a teacher was working from home thought this would help immensely. Seriously isn’t there something we can do collectively? These digusting rodents are such a blight on internet commerce. Frankly anything with a chinese address or influence is a non starter for me. ( signed ya fooled me twice )

  7. I got scammed too! ordered a massage pillow with heat. I received a cheap blow up pillow with a plastic air pump.

    I keep requesting my money back. I put in a claim with PayPal.

  8. Well, me, too. Ordered “headbands” or gator type scarfs to hopefully use as a face mask, they were so pretty, I had a hard time choosing, but I did the buy 3 get one free so I ordered 4 different feminine scarfs for almost $30. Two months to get here and I got 2 UGLY skulls and 2 of the same camo print. I would never in this life time wear them. So, I’m still in the process of back and forth. Got offered a refund of $5 and then $8 and I could keep them. I kept saying no and I wanted a full refund. I was counting on Pay Pal’s deal to refund the shipping back. I was 15 minutes away from going to the post office to mail them back, when I realized that they would probably never arrive, no refund if they didn’t, and I saw that the postage was really high, and probably no insurance or tracking to China available. Pay Pal would not kick in if I couldn’t prove that it was mailed and delivered. So I did a search and found this site. I wish I had done that at the beginning. I sent “customer service” a message to see if they would refund $15 and I keep the items – no answer yet. I may play the game a little longer just to see if I can even get the $5 or $8 they offered. One question that I’d like answered – I did file a dispute on Pay Pal – should I up it to a claim? Or is it just hopeless. I’ve been corresponding with Edealme (or whoever they are) through my personal email. I told them I had filed a dispute and they should answer it, but they haven’t.

    1. I’m sorry you got taken in by this scam Denise. I think it could be worth the time to keep complaining to Paypal and try to get some kind of refund, but don’t expect them to help much. From what I’ve heard a few people have gotten full refunds through Paypal, but the majority of people have not. It does not seem Paypal is much help at all and are willing to allow this type of scam to escape through loopholes.

      I did hear one person got a refund by telling Paypal they were going to contact their local news station and consumer affairs reporter about the situation and make them aware of this scam and lack of assistance they received by Paypal – at which point Paypal quickly gave them a full refund. They obviously don’t want to draw attention to this and get bad press.

      I still cannot believe that the EDealMe page remains up and active on Facebook. My friend placed her order from them on April 19, 2020 resulting in her getting swindled. Others have fallen for this scam since then, just look at the list of comments on this post from other victims. And I’m sure there are many, many more out there that have been taken in by this scam, complained to deaf ears and notified both Facebook and Paypal about this. AND YET, currently on July 16, 2020 on Facebook the EDealME page is still up, scam ads continue to pop up on Facebook luring in victims and people are continuing to get scammed. It’s shameful.

  9. They will fob you off again and again.
    Ordered phone keyboards 21.5.20 from Sunlight with stated delivery 12-20 days. Did not arrive. Emailed their helpline Dreamxin to cancel. I accepted their offer of 20% discount not to cancel. No goods arrived so tried to cancel again but was told goods on way so too late and they would refund if I returned goods on arrival. Still not arrived at 26.7.20. I raised a dispute through PayPal and the Dreamxin email helpline offered me 50% discount to close the Paypal dispute. I have refused and again requested refund. Response awaited.

  10. What a scam is right! They pretend to question what you ordered so it looks like someone shipped incorrectly. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE. they have other sites they have created that post to Facebook. Buyer beware.

  11. Dreamxin is a total scam! They quit answering my emails after I called them out on it. Stay away from these liars!

  12. I am embarrassed to say they got me with the mother’s day laptop scam, too. When my piece of junk that was not at all what I ordered (no s piece adjustable legs just a lap board) the surface was cracked. was told I had to send them another $15 to get what I ordered in the first place. When I refused and asked for a refund, I was told I could get a partial refund, or I had to send the broken item back to china to get a full refund.

  13. Thanks. Should have looked at this first. Although I am only out a bit over $30, it irks me that I fell for this scam. My “package” has been “stuck” in Los Angeles since June 12th. I ordered on May 21st. It is now July 31st. I email the company every week or so. They send back a stock email with a duplicate copy of the shipping information. No US tracking numbers. Only Chinese. So I couldn’t track it within US even if I wanted to do so. Will try Paypal.

  14. They unfortunately got me as well. I ordered an “air-cooled fan”. I honestly wasn’t expecting to receive anything after 2 months. Package came today, and the product they were advertising was a small air conditioner. The product I received was a fan the size of a Rubix cube. Smh. Luckily it wasn’t too much money so it’s not even worth my time to fight it, just hope other people see this and karma gets these people.

  15. Got me also. Thankfully only for $20. Saw an ad on Instagram for a pressure washing hose attachment. Ordered at the beginning of April. Package arrived today (August 7th). Connection on the pressure washers definitely doesn’t For any hose I’ve ever seen. Super annoyed.

  16. Got me also. Thankfully only for $20. Saw an ad on Instagram for a pressure washing hose attachment. Ordered at the beginning of April. Package arrived today (August 7th). Connection on the pressure washers definitely doesn’t For any hose I’ve ever seen. Super annoyed.

  17. I got fooled by a Facebook ad. I bought a $40 lap desk from “Sunlight”. The package arrived 60 days later, but they only sent half the parts for a lap desk. The item was unusable. I contacted PayPal multiple times about the fake tracking information and the wrong item that was sent. PayPal asked me to ship the item back to China. The shipping costs are $30! The return address also makes no sense:

    博罗县园洲镇东江华庭 惠州市, Guangdong 516123 CN
    Dongjiang Huating, Yuanzhou Town, Boluo County Huizhou, Guangdong 516123 CN

    Please do not buy any items from or Sunlight.

  18. I am working through this now. I ordered in April, received in September. Product was not at all as advertised (Window film). Currently emailing with support who does reply quickly. First they asked for evidence although their website says no questions asked, then I was offered $30 vs the $127 I paid and told if I wanted full refund I would have to mail back to China. I am waiting for their next reply, then will call Credit Card company. Is there any other step I can take to report this company?

    1. Cheryl,
      Paypal recently changed their policy and if you win the dispute then The seller either has to pay for return shipping or they don’t get their product back at all and you still get your refund.

  19. After being scammed for an interactive bear that had 101 functions on a Facebook advert, what arrived was a small teddy bear no functions would cost about £2.00 to but on the market. Paypal refused my claim despite send them pictures of the bear and pictures from the advert, the cost to send this toy back was over £25.00 and this I did not do sp Paypal closed the case. I closed my Paypal account after being with them for over 15 years. They took the money out of my bank account without my permission so my bank have reversed and put it back into my account. If they do contact me I will say that due to Covid 19 no one can be reached at the moment!! The same crap I got when I phoned them several times!!

  20. I wish I had done my research first. Same story, I ordered and never received the window film, one order $159.00 and a second $50.00 in May from Sunlight. I heard nothing back from them on delivery date or tracking. I sent numerous emails all with responses blaming the pandemic for delays. Mysteriously in July they direct me to a tracking webpage, yep you guessed it, showing package delivered in June. I emailed back asking who was the carrier that delivered it because I had not received anything. They said they would look into it, another email stating they were resending the goods. Then an email giving direction on where to return the never delivered items. Everything happened to me as everyone else. No product, no help from PayPal, my bank couldn’t help because the transaction originated through PayPal. I’ve decided to never use PayPal again.

    1. Goldie, They stole the video, pictures and idea then tried to make a cheap knock off of magical blinds. The real website is based in New York, USA.
      What edealme Sent me was the wrong size and so cheap that you could actually see through it. Paypal changed their policy and now requires sellers to Pay for return shipping or they don’t receive product back at all but customer still gets full refund when they do not send products that were actually ordered.
      The real product is the real deal and the company has much integrity.

  21. I ordered a 50” outdoor nativity set for $69.99. The website said item made in USA. They even stole Facebook pictures to show that their item was just like facebooks, but so much cheaper and even better that it is made in the US.
    Almost 5 weeks later I received a 14” piece of cardboard. Nothing like the item described and it was sent from China. (Something you could get from a dollar store).
    I am going through my credit card in filing a dispute.
    Another name they go by is
    The website appears and disappears.
    I contacted customer support at
    They refuse to refund my money and keep telling me to return item at my expense.

  22. I was nearly tempted by a company called
    Giltpeak selling seamless bras but then spotted the support email address. Same lot of scammers, same rubbish description on the about us part of the website. They are advertising on FB with a very convincing video. DO NOT go there.

  23. I bought a lightsaber from a store called, which no longer exists, I got it and it was a dollar store knockoff. I emailed them and they said they have been having a rough time, it wasnt their fault that the factory gave the wrong item, and that they could give me a reimbursement of 10%, then 20%, then now 30% and maybe a full refund for the item should I return it, however the shipping costs alone are more than what i paid for the item. I am now attempting to get a refund through Paypal, despite what I read on this site, and if that doesnt work, I’ll go to the bank directly. I will also let y’all know what happens. I just hope I get my $70 back.

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