Wearing Pajamas In Public – A Fashion Statement or Just Laziness?


What is up with the growing trend of wearing pajamas in public? When did it become acceptable to wear pajama bottoms while out shopping?

Pajamas in public

When did wearing pajama bottoms in public become so popular?

When exactly did it become socially acceptable to wear bedwear outdoors? How did this all start? Did this begin with some movie or on a catwalk or Lady Gaga? And what do these people wear when they goto sleep?

While out and about I’ve seen more and more people wearing pajamas while walking around, doing shopping, eating their lunch, stopping in the bank, just doing the usual things we all do when we leave the house. However, these folks decided to skip the part of putting on clothes and look like they decided to just roll out of bed and hopped in their cars.

This looks awfully strange to me. However, the more and more I see it I assume it’s becoming the norm.

wearing-pajamas-in-publicI could easily say this caught on out of comfort. Let’s face it wearing our flannel pajamas feel nice and soft and comfy. I guess I’m old fashioned though and think of pajamas as being something you wear inside your house while relaxing.

Sure you run out to grab the paper in front of your house while still wearing them, but that’s wear I draw the line. They are not something I would wear out in public. Sweat pants even seem too careless for me to wear when I plan on being outside, unless I’m getting some exercise in. But pajamas in public? What does this say about someone?

Perhaps people like all the fun patterns on their jammies and they feel happier wearing them. They’re sort of using them to make a fashion statement. Folks can wear whatever they want, I don’t really care. If they want to look like they just left a slumber party good for them. I just hope they don’t expect me not to be snickering behind their backs.

I can’t help but shake my head when I see these ladies strolling down the food aisles in their SpongeBob pajamas. It just looks so lazy and it looks really, really bizarre. Pajamas on a five-year old, sure that’s fine, but on a forty year old woman in Walmart? Come on!

Pajama-Party-Annette-FunicelloAnd how come I never see really hot women wearing their sexy PJs around? It’s always women who are like 300 pounds in over-sized Betty Boop ones!

I’ll be curious to see how far this pajama-wearing trend in public goes. Will this soon branch out to fancy restaurants, the theater, televised events? How long will it be before we see Gwyneth Paltrow arriving on the red carpet wearing her footed jammies?

Will people be sporting around in their Snuggies soon? Waltzing along in their bunny slippers? Will we soon have gentlemen checking their bathrobes as they enter a high class joint?

Pajama companies must love this! If they were smart they would start marketing products to this demographic who welcome wearing pajamas throughout their entire day.

They could make whole lines of pajamas designed for specific activities for these people throughout their week. Soon the ones that we used to use to just sleep in would disappear and now you can buy ‘Gardening Pajamas’, ‘Hiking Pajamas’, ‘Walking the Dog Pajamas’ and of course ‘Post Office Pajamas!’

Muppet-Christmas-CarolI always thought it was weird men’s pajamas would come with pockets and they would be worn to bed. What’s the point of pockets? Are you supposed to stick a pen in the breast pocket on the off chance you’ll wake up in the middle of the night and do some writing? People don’t sleep with their wallets in their back pockets do they?

Now I’m waiting for the return of the night cap. I haven’t heard anyone wearing one of those since the days of Charles Dickens. I think it’s due for a revival.

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