Ferris Bueller Returns! Kind Of, Sort Of, Possibly At The Super Bowl…


Matthew Broderick resurrects his iconic movie character Ferris Bueller in a new Super Bowl commercial

Mean Joe Greene coke classic commercial

For us non-football fans there just might be a reason to tune into the big Super Bowl game afterall. Typically most people tune in, even if they could care less about the outcome of the game. It’s an excuse to get together with friends, socialize, have the game in the background, make some friendly wagers and of course watch the commercials.

It’s kind of ironic in this day and age where we’re all zipping over commercials with our Tivo’d shows, they still can be a draw for viewers and give them something to talk about.

At least the good ones.

These companies will spend millions of dollars to get airtime and sometimes I wonder why would they bother if they don’t have a good idea to start with. They know that everyone are waiting for some cool commercials, so it’s time to get their A Game on, pull an all-nighter and come up with something that will get people talking. It might not be the easiest thing in the world, but that’s why they’re getting paid the big bucks.

So despite my local team being one of the teams vying for the trophy, I still don’t really care about the game. Like most people I’ll watch a bit of it, my focus is on the commercials, maybe a possible movie teaser or two. I could really care less about who wins the game.

Super Bowl Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake flash boobThe last couple of years the commercials have been pretty lame though. I can’t think of one memorable one that really stands out to me. Every year they do these specials of the best Super Bowl commercials and they usually have to go back twenty, thirty, even forty years to show off highlights.

The last couple of games I felt like these advertisers were wasting my time. Talking babies….- is that the best they can come up with? The best thing about the last few Super Bowls was Janet Jackson’s half time show. I was really hoping they would bring her back. Now that had people had talking!

Anyway, this crop of Super Bowl commercials got dose of exposure with a teaser (they’re now actually teasing commercials!) with Matthew Broderick seemingly stepping back into the shoes of his famous onscreen character Ferris Bueller.

This tease doesn’t give away much, it does exactly what it’s meant to – get you curious and excited to see what is coming. A generation of moviegoers grew up watching John Hughes’ 1986 comedy Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and have been quoting Ferris’ mantra’s ever since. I’m sure those are the ones who will be the most excited and get the biggest kick to see him return after twenty-six years.

Ferris Bueller movie posterThe younger kids might not have a clue to who this guy is, what does he mean or why should we care, but not everything has to be aimed at the young demographic.

It’s up in the air as to what product Broderick is endorsing. My guess would be some kind of travel company – maybe we’ll get a fun montage of Ferris flying around to exotic places or something. Or it could be a car ad and Ferris is sporting around the city, the country with his 80’s song blasting away. In either case at least there’s one commercial that I can look forward to seeing.

Oh yeah, there’s going to be football game surrounding the commercial……ummm…..who’s playing again?

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