Hiking Hook Mountain in Nyack, New York


Hook Mountain in Nyack New York is a pleasant hiking afternoon with some terrific scenic views

Hook Mountain Nyack New York

This past weekend I ventured to Nyack, New York and hiked up Hook Mountain. I’ll be honest, I was never even aware it existed. Had it not been someone suggesting we make the hike and knowing how to find the beginning of the trail, I would never have been able to find it.

The path we took was somewhat strange. We started in a residential area. Approaching a dead end street it was just woods at the end of it. Getting closer I started to see a walking trail that fed deep into these woods.

This trail, which was very easy to follow, led us to the top of Hook Mountain. Apparently there are a lot of trails that you can walk or bike. Hook Mountain State Park is a pretty big area. So if you’re in the mood for some walking you can hike up the mountain or surrounding area and if you want to do some biking there’s trails that are friendlier for bikes in the park.

We stuck with the mountain and it was a relatively easy hike. The view from the top makes it worth it. From there you get a great view. It’s pretty impressive and fortunately it was a crystal clear day so we were able to appreciate it all. Plus, Hook Mountain is the home to a variety of eagles, which we saw soaring around at the peak. That was pretty cool.

There are unobstructed views of the horizon at the top of the cliff face. Picking a clearing and sitting towards the edge you can sit and take the view in.

Hook Mountain top view Nyack New York hikingThe thing that freaked me out was if you were to take one more step from that rock it’s a straight shot all the way to the hard earth below. This isn’t a Jack and Jill-type of hill with a leisurely incline down, just a straight vertical drop. Almost like one of those cliffs that Wile E. Coyote is always falling from. It was a pretty freaky feeling knowing if I were to trip, I would end up in the middle of all those tiny picnic tables far below.

Hikers looking for a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon should enjoy hanging out there. I managed to see some wildlife – chipmunks, eagles and a family of deer (they were actually sitting on someone’s lawn, but I’m counting them). Some great scenic vistas, along with hanging out with Mother Nature for an afternoon.

I really haven’t given too much detailed information about this huh?, Well quite frankly I don’t know too much more than this. I was basically like cargo on this trek and just following the leader. Had I thought that I might actually be blogging about this journey I would have paid more attention and maybe taken more pictures.

I’m sure if this peaks your interest you can find plenty of info about Hook Mountain by more well-versed outdoorsy folks than me who will actually give you a better idea of the park.

I would be the worst host of a travel show….

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