Forecasting No Time To Die


Friend, fellow James Bond fan and YouTuber DutchBondFan aka Jeroen and I discuss our thoughts about the upcoming No Time To Die in a six-part series Forecasting No Time To Die

Once again, fans are within reach of the release of the 25th James Bond film No Time To Die.

After multiple delays, production problems and more release delays than any film in recent memory has suffered, Daniel Craig’s final performance as James Bond is due for its rollout starting on September 30, 2021 in the United Kingdom. Eight days later it will be released in the U.S. on October 8, 2021.

That’s the current plan. But as fans have experienced in the past several years with this film – plans can always change.

However, I’m feeling somewhat optimistic that this release date will stick and Bond fans will finally get to see this long-awaited movie.

A lot of teases, mysteries, rumors and speculation has accompanied No Time To Die during this long build-up to finally getting released. So, with it everything about to be revealed and all the secrets cleared up in a only acouple of months, friend, fellow Bond fan and popular YouTuber DutchBondFan aka Jeroen and I decided to discuss our expectations, predictions, thoughts, worry and concerns with what we might be seeing in No Time To Die and what happens to James Bond.

This is a six-part collaboration series. It’s basically us discussing our thoughts on a range of topics regarding No Time To Die. Will we be proved right? Will we be wrong? Will our worries be proven right or will we be pleasantly surprised when we finally get to see the film?

We shall find out in September/October 2021 – unless the film gets hit with ANOTHER delay again….




Episode 2: THE STORY 






Episode 5: THE ACTION


Episode 6: THE FUTURE

1 thought on “Forecasting No Time To Die

  1. I think you should review this one quickly…

    The ending (no spoiler here, of course…) has proven very divisive. Some people will like it, I suspect a lot will hate it.

    I’m actually quite sad for Bond in this one. What a way to go. I’m quite gutted. Never mind. And most parts of the film seemed quite promising.

    Over to you 😉

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