Left Hand Turns


A driving pet peeve is making left hand turns and having to wait through a long line of cars until you can pass through

Left Turn Sign driving pet peeve

There are a lot of annoying things about driving. We have that freewheeling image of freedom on the road from old album covers and music videos. That picturesque vision of driving scenic highways in a convertible with the ocean to one side and clear roads ahead with no other car in sight. The biggest issue you face in that fantasy is what awesome driving song you’ll listen to.

Sadly, that’s not the typical every day driving experience for people. One of the hurdles drivers are faced with is making annoying left hand turns.

Has this ever happened to you – you want to make a left turn and there’s a long line of cars you have to wait to pass until there’s a gap you can slide through.

So, you sit and wait. And wait. Naturally none of the passing motorists stop flash their headlights at you signaling you to pass in front of them to make your left. They’re much too busy thinking of themselves and getting to their destination to concern themselves with your lefty dilemma. There’s really not a lot of room for road courtesy out there.

You resign yourself that you’ll be forced to wait until this long train of cars is completed so you can make your left turn.

Then just as the final car is approaching and you see a clear road behind them in sight something strange happens. They slow up, flash their headlights at you and wave you through.

I am not sure how I should feel about this. It is nice demonstration of motorist politeness and I should feel like giving them an exhilarating courtesy wave right back at them. But I’ve already sat five minutes in one spot resigned that I’m on my own on the road, no one is going to help me and I’ll have to wait it out.

Now the last car with no one one in sight behind him decides to wave me through. Why couldn’t this guy have been driving the first car instead of the fifty-third?

It’s a nice gesture and I should be appreciative, but there’s a slight feeling of dissatisfaction. After putting in the wait facing that long line of cars I’m nearing the accomplishment for my left turn that I have fully earned – and this last motorist, out of kindness, has robbed it from me!

It’s strange that I’m complaining about a courteous driver, but I still find it oddly aggravating.

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