If Love Is Blind, Then Why Is Lingerie So Popular?


The popularity of lingerie

sexy lingerie

There are all different categories of what attracts someone to someone else. The most primal is a body parts. Not private parts, but a part of the body that you look at and are drawn to. Butts, chests, arms, legs, hands, feet, stomachs, shoulders. I think there is at least one fan out there for every part of the body. Those are the more popular ones, but if you try to think of the most bizarre inconsequential part, there is someone out there who loves it.

I suppose some of this could fall into fetish. I’ve heard some wacky stuff. Like “she’s got a great collar-bone”, “his ankles are hot”, “look at those shoulder blades!”. There was one guy who was into body parts that were gone. He was attracted to women who were missing their limbs. The stumps were sexy in his mind!

If pressed I would have to place myself into the leg category. It is one of the more popular categories and I’m amongst millions of other devotees. Of course I can appreciate a nice rump and some dazzling cleavage, but I’ve always been drawn to a woman in a skirt with beautiful legs, it’s an immediate head turner.

That’s the only reason I used to watch Entertainment Tonight….Mary Hart. She had great legs. They actually had her sit behind a desk with a clear front and had a light specifically shining on her gams. They knew what their audience was tuning in for. I haven’t watched that show lately. It seems these news programs have now started this new trend where the anchors stand for the entire broadcast…anyone else notice this?

You could probably trace back to what triggered your specific fixation on a certain body part. Probably somewhere in childhood (isn’t that where all the answers supposedly are?) Someone was nice to you with that feature, the shape of your baby toy, the spot you were pinched or whatever.

So if your bored one lazy afternoon try to consider the possibilities and circumstances that attract you to that feature on a body. Consider where and what in your infant/child/adolescent years might have this attraction originated from. I know….it would have to be a really, really slow day to do this, but if you come up with any answers or theories let me know.

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