The Mummy Trailer – More Like Fraser Than Karloff


The new Mummy film is meant to keep off a Monster Universe, but based on the trailer it’s not looking too promising

Tom Cruise The Mummy movie casket

The new trailer for The Mummy has come out. I was cautiously optimistic about Universal’s new monster Cinematic Universe they’re setting out to build. Gee, I wonder wherever did they get the idea to do something like that from?

So the first monster entry is The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. And based on the trailer, I lost the optimism and am now just cautious. I didn’t think much of what I saw.

I might have been naive, but I was hoping these new Universal monster movies would be a bit more…..scary. You know, creepy atmosphere, a little eerie, actually have a bit more horror in them.

This new Mummy looks like the standard cookie-cutterish big, action, CGI-filled special effects packed summer movie we’ve been seeing for years. I don’t see anything special about it.

It’s already been pointed out it looks more like a Mission Impossible movie than a Universal monster movie. That probably was inevitable with the casting of Tom Cruise. I know he’s a big star, but they probably should have cast someone else for this. That alone might have made it feel a bit more unique.

The Mummy 2017 monster movieWe get star Tom Cruise running away from outlandish CGI explosions, a big plane crashing scene, epic shots of helicopters and army cars driving through deserts, Tom Cruise…..flying through an English bus? This wasn’t the kind of movie I was envisioning.

I think I’m in the minority with my feelings. I’m actually stunned that some people are actually angry that Brendan Fraser isn’t in this. I know those Mummy movies were popular, but do people really want more of them??? Is that the benchmark for Mummy movies today? I saw one of them, not sure which one it was though, but it wasn’t enough for me to watch any more of them.

No matter if Fraser is in it or not, this Mummy looks more in line with those Mummy movies than the old Boris Karloff one. I would have liked more of a 1932 ‘Mummy-vibe’. Yeah, it’s not a perfect movie, but try – and this is going to sound crazy about a movie with a Mummy walking around – to do it a bit more realistic.

Tom Cruise The Mummy 2017Forget all those noisy ludicrous explosions that travel towards the camera and maybe have some actual exploration of some dark mysterious underground tombs. Have Cruise carrying a torch, reading some ancient writings, have the suspenseful climax of a scene be the opening of a coffin.

I guess that’s not enough for audiences today and Tom Cruise is going to run through an exploding library or something. This looks more in line with big superhero movies than anything to do with the old classic monster movies.

It’s only the first trailer so maybe this launch of a Universal monsters cinematic universe will be better than what it’s looking like, but I’m not holding my breath.

If this whole monster universe ends up a washout, luckily fans will still have Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein for an awesome monster team up movie.


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