Unofficial Skyfall Picture Revealed!


An unofficial photo from the new James Bond film Skyfall has been revealed

Skyfall James Bond pool

Well, there he is Bond fans. Agent James Bond 007 in all his bathing suit glory taking a relaxing moment at the London Four Seasons after a huge, spectacular action scene in his 23rd adventure Skyfall.

Well, that’s just me trying to add a bit more excitement to this photo of Daniel Craig that’s hit the web this week. This is being described as being our first “unofficial” look at Skyfall.

I’m not exactly sure what that means. Are they saying we weren’t supposed to see this? Should we thank an insider who smuggled this photo out and ruined the first “official” Skyfall photo of Craig posing in a tux and holding a gun?

Or was this just a rejected photo from Men’s Fitness magazine. Is it just me or is Daniel showing off a bit of ass cheek? Can we expect the sales of 007’s swim trunks to skyrocket again? So many questions.

I’m not sure what to make of this. But any peak at Skyfall will perk up any fans ears. If this photo is indeed some kind of scene from Skyfall we can be sure of at least one thing – 007’s most frequent co-star will be returning! Yes, Bond’s good old friend Water, often just credited as ‘H2O’ should definitely be making an appearance.

3 thoughts on “Unofficial Skyfall Picture Revealed!

  1. I take is with a gain of salt. Fanboys and movie junkies will read this like is the 'Zapruder film' until the next official or leak image is out. Take Star Trek for now. It's cast has just started and everything from a NASA photo has been confirm as part of the movie. I wet's the apatite to use a "Spy who love me" term. But I mostly excited by the talent. If they can deliver, then I'm all for it. Especially, that David Arnold is not scoring the movie. Instead, Thomas Newman will take the regains. This cause a stir in the film composers world, but I love to see a bit of return to that classic John Barry score. I think Newman is the right person to bring that back.

  2. I'm a male Bond fan. I get the impression this photo might be aimed at the female fans, because I have to believe there's a purpose to releasing this photo.

  3. OK, a new official image has come out for all you male Bond fans. So, what's your thoughts on that. Breaded James Bond, sounds a lot like "Die another Day" trope. But, hey. It's got to be better then what the other guy's did with that plot point. Wait, they still on the series. Thank God screenwriter John Logan is on the team.

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