What’s the Etiquette For Name Tags?


What is ‘Name Tag Etiquette’? Should you call someone by name if they’re wearing a name tag?

Name Tag

I was at a diner recently and got into a bit of an argument with a friend. The waitress came to our table to take our order, we gave it to her, then she said she’ll be back and I said “Thanks Caren”.

My friend knew I didn’t know her and asked me why did I call her by her first name. I explained that she’s wearing a name tag to let people know her name, so why would it be a crime to use that knowledge. He thought I sounded too forward, and trying to hit on her, but whatever.

Maybe I’m in the minority of actually reading name tags on people. I’m not sure if waitress’ like, dislike or are just indifferent about having to wear them or how they feel about creeps like me who call them by their name. This topic is begging for a sociological study. A poll of how many patrons use their waitress’s name and if the waitress’ mind it. Anyone have any thoughts?

I wish more people would wear them in social situations. It would make some folks in bars feel a lot friendlier.

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