The Skyfall Trailer – A Review


The trailer for Skyfall has made its debut, here’s my reaction to our first glimpse of the newest James Bond movie

Skyfall Trailer Review Reaction James Bond Q

The Skyfall trailer arrived and has given 007 fans a clearer idea of what we can expect to see for James Bond’s 50th anniversary.

Naturally, as soon as I first saw it immediately thoughts formed in my head about it. The short teaser that was released two months ago basically just showed us images, but here with this trailer we’ve gotten a better idea of the story, the characters and what kind of adventure Bond will be taken on.

Since my lack of free time I haven’t had time to share my reaction about it. It’s been out long enough now that pretty much everyone has shared their thoughts. Kind of strange that the one guy who’s done this whole James Bond review series hasn’t said a word about it.

So, since some of my fellow Bond fans have been consistently asking my opinion about it, I finally put some time aside, sat down and rambled about my feelings of what we’ve seen so far for Skyfall. It feels kind of weird talking about an actual new 007 film that let alone isn’t years old, but one that we haven’t even seen yet!

So here’s my take on it. I was expecting it to be a shorter video project, but it seems everytime I try to do anything about James Bond it always ends up longer and more indepth than I originally planned. Oh well. 

After having made this video review, I started contemplating whether one of those traditional Bond endings is in store for Craig in Skyfall. We usually last see 007 making out with his Bond girl, but so far for Craig he’s only had some downbeat endings in his films. At least endings that aren’t the way Bond films used to typically end with Bond defeating the villain, saving the Bond Girl and getting busy with her as the film fades out (not counting On Her Majesty’s Secret Service of course).

Daniel Craig as James Bond in SkyfallSo is Craig ever going to enjoy that envious final shot where we all wish to be in his shoes? Perhaps that kind of ending wouldn’t fit with the Craig films and he will always end being the isolated agent walking off into the distance, but ready to come back when he’s needed. No getting caught by M shagging a chick and tossing out a funny one-liner for him! Or will Skyfall change that….?

I kind of hope they don’t release another trailer before the film now. I think we’ve been given enough of a tease and I really don’t want the next trailer – if they release one – to give too much more away from the film. Wouldn’t it be nice to be surprised by some plot twists that are completely unexpected when we go see it opening weekend?

But basically – I think Skyfall looks good and I’m really getting anxious to seeing it! Bring it on!


Skyfall Trailer Review from HaphazardStuff on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “The Skyfall Trailer – A Review

  1. Your reviews are quite simply the best i've seen with regard to Bond.

    One point I would add to this film's release is the departure of David Arnold as the film soundtrack composer after 5 films and the entrance of Thomas Newman which should move the film along in a considerably different way to what we've grown used to. Personally, if this collaboration has touches of Newman's unique scoring in all his Mendes' films, I think we can expect something new and refreshing.

  2. WOW, you really gotta in for Die another Day. Me I'm not worry about any of those mistakes that happen with that film. The only thing that worries me if this is a dull story. I don't want a sorta boring action M.O that happen with Live and Let Die and Man with a Golden Gun. I really hope the push the limits of the characters and what a Bond story can be. It seems you not into the hype of the 50TH celebration going on, but man there some stuff going on in that world. They announce for the 1st time a documentary about EON production which I think you play in your neck of the woods in October. I never seen anything except for BIO about James Bond, the author, or it's movie producer, but the whole history from the company would be interesting to see. I know your not a gamer, but the new video game 007 Legends will use setting from all 6 pervious Bond films. Movies like your favorite License to KIll, as well as, Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, and your fav Die another Day(ha, ha) with more to be announce later. Also, some of the main actors are coming back to voice the game like Jaws, Drax, and Goodhead.
    The game is suppose to connect to the film, similar to a pervious Bond game called "Bloodstone" that was suppose to connect had they not got into that MGM financial trouble. But man have you seen the stuff coming out for it's 50th. Cologne, Coke Skyfall, 3 new books one called achieves, poster, exhibits, clothing, blu-ray, etc. I think they are doing this 50th anniversary right this time. I the first on their when it's comes to IMAX. I love the format. I manager to catch a couple of 35MM prints of Bond movies on the back screen. I have to say it was nice to see it back in that format. I wanted to ask something here, are you going to do a look back at the animated series James Bond, jr? I don't know if your a animation fan, but that one area of Bond history that made it to a TV format. Plus as part of the 50Th a new author is revamping that JB, Jr book series again. Also, there's this rumor going around that the Bond world might expand to TV again with some kind of MI6 show that would live between the new movies release. Also, have to ask if you ever seen the different edits to OHMSS. I found some online, which changes the narrative of the film completely. One had a voice over do in flashbacks. Man that was strange to see. I guess it's the same thing that happen with those early Superman movies where their was a TV edit, a International edit, and UK edit. Interesting stuff if you get a chance to look at them.
    Well Good Luck on your project. Great work you do. I recommended it to everybody to watch.

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