Thinking Of You


Do you ever wonder if someone is thinking of you at this exact moment?

are you being thought of

What are the odds that someone is thinking about “You” every moment of the day? Is it possible that somewhere on the planet every second of the day at least one person has the same “You” on their mind.

It’s probably likely to think that at every single moment someone out there is thinking about…..The President. Everyone knows him, has an opinion on him, he’s always on tv or in the papers. Chances are he’s constantly thought of (positively or negatively, doesn’t matter…’s the thought that counts).

It’s sad to think that certain people are close to being thought of endlessly in the world. Angelina Jolie. See I got you thinking about her for a few seconds. I would say it’s probably likely that within the next minute someone will be reading about her or downloading pictures of her. She has to be close to being a candidate for twenty-four hour a day thoughts….sad as it may seem.

Most of us don’t have the advantage of being famous and being popular enough to have people we have never met know who we are.

Of course we pass through the minds of loved ones, friends, coworkers occasionally throughout the day. But maybe there’s a few more. That kid from high school you barely talked to is skimming thru his yearbook and came across your picture, the mailman sorting thru mail reads your name or someone just came across your facebook profile.

Those are some minor acknowledgements about our existence from others, but we gotta take it.

It’s too bad that there are instances when we’re not at all pondered about. If you were a pessimist you could question your existence in those passing moments. Kinda like the whole “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?” If “You” are not acknowledged in some form at a given moment do “You” really exist? In those passing moments when there is no reflection about “You” by others do “You” become closer to another form of life or afterlife or maybe even nonexistence?

The President and Angelina probably don’t have to worry about any of that with all the publicity they get. But it’s a refreshing thought there’s the possibility you might be on someone’s mind at any given point during the day and not even realize it. It would be a nice gesture if once a day you searched your memory bank of someone that entered and exited your life with little fanfare, played a very minor part or was just an extra that was in the background. All you have to do is reminiscence about them for a minute and hopefully someone out there will do the same for you. Besides not everyone can be on the cover of Time or the National Enquirer.

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