Some Non-Spoiler Thoughts On No Time To Die


After many countless release delays No Time To Die has finally hit cinema screens and audiences are getting to the long awaited film and see James Bond return.

The film was released in the UK on September 30 and very quickly it racked up impressive box office numbers, especially considering many parts of the world are still reeling from the pandemic and restrictions are still in place.

Living in the U.S., yours truly had to wait an additional week for the films release on these shores. Of course I went to see it opening weekend and naturally I had a reaction to it – which I’m about to share with my followers.

Now, as most are probably aware of there are significant story points in No Time To Die. Unfortunately, soon after its release many of the films secrets started spilling online. This was an inconvenience for U.S. Bond fans who found themselves having to navigate a minefield of spoilers that quickly were popping up on social media.

Fortunately, for me I took a hiatus from social media since the films premiere. I didn’t want to risk having anything spoiled for me in the film. Like most film fans, I would rather watch a film and experience it myself, than be told about it from anonymous social media users.

In any event, I’ve seen and made a quick NON-SPOILER video sharing some thoughts about No Time To Die. I think at this point, the secrets in the film have taken hold and avoiding them is nearly impossible. However, if you are a follower of mine, haven’t seen the film yet and want to hear some of my thoughts you can feel safe.

Although, I would recommend just going to see the film first and THEN watching all the YouTube reactions and reviews afterwards.

I’ll certainly be doing a more thorough deep dive, spoiler-filled video about No Time To Die at some point, but for now here’s my first spoiler-free, thoughts about the film. Enjoy.


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