Despite Problems Bond 25 Keeps Filming – & Daniel Craig Is Looking Fit


Bond 25 has faced a lot of production problems, Daniel Craig’s ankle injury, an explosion accident at Pinewood, but filming continues

Daniel Craig exercising James Bond 25 ankle injury

Bond 25 has become a very tumultuous 007 production.

No matter how much you plan, most film productions will have some unexpected problems get thrown at them. Making movies are faced with unpredictable events that cause some concerns or issues where solutions are needed. Filmmakers just have to overcome them, make some concessions, get creative and barrel through to get the job done. Just do whatever they need to do to get the movie made and completed.

The Bond films have faced its fair share of problems throughout its history. There’s been problems with scripts, locations, special effects, on-set injuries, studio dilemmas, competing movies, budget constraints, email hacks, they’ve faced many obstacles.

It’s understandable. When a film series makes twenty-five films, not all of them will be problem-free productions.

Which brings us to Bond 25.

Ok, James Bond fans all know the background and trouble that Bond 25 has faced. 

First, there was the uncertainty with the film distribution rights for 007. After 2015’s Spectre, the contract between EON and MGM expired, leaving Bond on the market and open for bidding by other studios. It ended with EON making a contract with MGM and Universal who both get a slice of the film distribution rights to Bond.

Who would play 007? For the longest time uncertainty and speculation fueled the debate of whether Daniel Craig would return to play James Bond or if fans would get a new 007. Finally, Craig confirmed he would be coming back.

Danny Boyle Bond 25 creative differences
Danny Boyle thanking ‘creative differences’ saving him from this chaotic production

Danny Boyle, the original director announced for Bond 25 left the film due to ‘creative differences’. Who would replace him? With a looming release date for the movie announced the window was closing on the start of production in order to make those deadlines. They needed a director ASAP!

Release dates were pushed back. Rumors of continuous work on a script. Cary Fukunaga announced as the new director. More rumors of a script that was in terrible shape. Unconfirmed reports of the possible cast. The script still needs work. Another release date change.

It just went on and on and on. This was all very exhausting for Bond fans to endure.

Finally, fans got some straight news with the ‘Bond 25 Reveal’. The live stream event that took place in Ian Flemings GoldenEye in Jamaica allowed EON to officially announce the Bond 25 cast to the world. No title for the film was given. The poorly produced ‘Reveal’ left fans feeling more skeptical than excited as probably EON had hoped.

But hey, filming was about to get rolling! That’s a good thing! Even if we kept reading those reports of an unfinished script they were working with. Well, this Bond train was moving, so something is going to get filmed.

Fans all hoped the worst was in the rearview mirror for Bond 25, but there was more drama to come.

Daniel Craig James Bond 25 ankle injurySoon after filming began Craig suffered an ankle injury while in Jamaica. He required some surgery and was out of commission for a bit. They had to reshuffle the shooting schedule to accommodate the now limping Craig.

In fact, I’ve read that now due to his ankle injury and the rescheduling that needed to be done since Craig was laid up, is causing some headaches for some vital filming that needs to be done.

There have been unconfirmed reports that scenes that were planned to be shot between Craig and Bond villain Rami Malek needed to be delayed. But now with both the guys being popular and busy movie stars with jam-packed schedules, the filmmakers are not sure when they can get some free time with both of them to film those Bond and villain confrontation scenes.

I’m sure they’ll manage that somehow. If worse comes to worse they can just film Craig laying in bed with wearing his foot cast talking to Malek via a TV screen. We need a scene of Bond facing off with the villain, you can’t just drop those scenes. it could be done much the same way Malek made his appearance in that Bond 25 Reveal – he can just appear by satellite! He can just Skype his threats to 007. Hey, it’s a solution. 

Meanwhile, at Pinewood Studios a controlled explosion – I guess got a bit out of control – and damaged the 007 Stage and injured a crew member. From the photos I’ve seen of the stage it looks like it was a pretty darn big explosion! It looks like some serious damage was done. They’re lucky there weren’t more injuries. Bond fans have been told this accident would not delay the filming schedule. Oh goody. 

There has been unconfirmed reports that the Government’s Health & Safety Executive has launched an official investigation as to what exactly happened.

Bond 25 Pinewood explosion accident
Damage at Pinewood due to the explosion

There’s also been unconfirmed speculation and suspicion by yours truly that the explosion was caused by Fukunaga’s head blowing up from all the stress this directing gig has rained down on him. (Just kidding)

I keep asking myself – how can ‘Bond 25 The Movie’ possibly be anymore fascinating as ‘Bond 25 The Production’ has been??? Can the movie itself be as surprising and compelling as the saga as making this movie? I think I would be more interested in seeing a documentary or docudrama that recounts all the unexpected turns this production has taken. 

Which brings us to the new photo of Craig working out that was tweeted out by the official 007 Twitter account. I think they also posted it on their Instagram, Facebook, on all their social media outlets. They probably put it on billboards at train stations and highways too.

So, this new photo of Craig was meant to reassure Bond fans that there might have been hiccups along the way, but Bond 25 is progressing and Craig is looking in great shape to be Bond once again – minus his hurt ankle.

Releasing this pumped up photo of Craig with his bulging muscles might also have been a way EON could counteract those photos of him hobbling through the airport that have circulated. Those certainly aren’t the image of James Bond that fans want to see. That guy looks like he could barely walk in his gun barrel, let alone star in an exciting action adventure spy movie. Yeah, we better show people that Dan is in much better shape than that!

Desmond Llewelyn Pierce Brosnan GoldenEye gadget broken foot cast
Q had a cooler foot cast than Craig

When I first saw that black and white gym photo of Craig working out in his cast I immediately thought of Q in GoldenEye wearing his gadget cast that shoots a missile. No word yet whether they’ll incorporate that into Bond 25. 

I also noticed in that photo the sign on the far wall that says ‘007 Gym’ – what does that mean? Is this room meant to be exclusively used by Craig? Can some of the cast work out in there too? What about crew members? While they’re on lunch can they run in there and get a quick workout? Do you need a membership card to get in there?

See, this behind-the-scenes stuff is riveting me more than what the villains hideout might look like in the movie!

Does this photo quell concern for fans? I’m not sure. Bond 25 has faced a lot of obstacles and unexpected detours. Can one photo of Craig exercising get fans to breathe a sigh of relief?

Listen, we know they’re filming something! How good it will be we just won’t know until they finish and we see the movie. 

At least we know Craig will look pumped and fit for his final 007 round – at least from the waist up. And I believe work is still being done on that Bond 25 script. 

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