The Final Countdown To The Release of No Time To Die


After multiple delays for No Time To Die, the film looks to be sticking to its scheduled premiere and worldwide release in September/October 2021

No Time To Die looks like it will stick to its release date this time. Bond fans are one month away from seeing James Bond return.

After multiple release delays the movie has suffered, this time it’s appearing James Bond will definitely make his return on September 30, 2021 in the UK and a worldwide release on October 8, 2021.

What a wait this has been huh?

The last year has been an historic one. A worldwide pandemic uprooted daily life and made Hollywood essentially shut down the release of theatrical films. No Time To Die had already had delays thanks to the change of directors from Danny Boyle to Cary Fukunaga. The year of 2021 just added more time to its release delays.

While Bond fans will be excited to finally see Daniel Craig’s final turn as James Bond, MGM and Eon are certainly not too thrilled with how things have turned out for the 25th Bond film.

Thanks to all the delays the film has suffered, it just added to the price tag of the already expensive No Time To Die. The word now is that the film will have to earn around $800 million to even break even. The box office of films in the post-pandemic world, even highly anticipated ones, none have come close to reaching that height.

Daniel-Craig-007-James-Bond-25-London-filmingWith the alternative to direct streaming film releases and many audiences still hesitant to venture into movie theaters, attempting a worldwide release comes with risk, so the box office of No Time To Die will be watched very carefully. Reports have said that it’s conceivable No Time To Die will be a Bond film that actually never makes a profit.

Of course the studio could delay the film again hoping the cinema landscape will make a radical change and the chances of earning a big box office would improve. The worlds cinemas are still not at full operation. In Australia it has been announced he film would not get a release. Then in China – a major market – there’s no firm release schedule for any films.

But analysts say going with another delay would not be financially feasible for the studio. It’s a tough spot they’re in with the movie. Eon Productions’ vow to keep a strict cinematic release for Bond will probably come at a cost this time. You can see why the worldwide box office will be scrutinized endlessly when tickets start getting sold.

Despite all that, it looks like they’re going to move forward with the late September/October release for the film. A new documentary titled ‘Being James Bond’ detailing Craig’s legacy as 007 will debut on September 7 on Apple TV. A new ‘Final International Trailer’ and ‘Final U.S. Trailer’ have been released to restart the hype for the film. The premiere for No Time To Die is scheduled to take place at the Royal Albert Hall in London on September 28, 2021. Soon after Bond fans will finally get to see Craig’s final outing as Bond and experience one of the most anticipated films in the series.

Unless something very unexpected happens things look all set for No Time To Die. As of now, it appears James Bond’s return is about a month away.

We’re in the home stretch Bond fans!

The Final International Trailer


The Final US Trailer


A trailer for the Apple TV special Being James Bond

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