First Captain America Photos!


The first photos of Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger have been released

Chris Evans Captain America

Have you heard some of the talk that superhero films have hit their peak and are now on the slide? Well, it sure doesn’t seem that way with the exposure that superhero films that aren’t due until next summer are getting!

Entertainment Weekly showed off the first look at a big-budget superhero film. Earlier in the year it was Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern. Now Chris Evans as Captain America made its cover.

Finally the first images of Evans as he’ll appear in Captain America: The First Avenger were revealed. So what was my reaction? Extremely positive!

Like the concept art that we saw earlier in the year showed a combination of battle fatigues and the classic superhero costume collides in Evans’ outfit. It’s a difficult costume to pull off. It’s certainly one of that easily could look extremely silly and hokey, but you simply can’t dismiss it and revamp it completely. That would cause a revolt by fans.

I think it’s a nice compromise of making the outfit look WWII combat ready, while maintaining the red, white and blue colors of the comic costume. Although the article does indicate Steve Rogers will be seen in his full comic book Cap outfit in a scene with him being used as a propaganda tool. Both the silly costume and the showman duties he’s asked to do makes him feel like an idiot. It sounds to be an interesting scene.

Captain America First Avenger Chris EvansEvans looks really pumped and he has the all-American look. Having the story set entirely during WWII has made me very excited. Just the 1940s setting will the film a departure from the usual superhero movies that are typically set in modern day.

I’m really hoping the filmmakers take advantage of all of this and the film will be the truly epic beginning to Cap’s saga. Hopefully they won’t cut any corners and get too ahead of themselves thinking about the inevitable sequels and the Avengers movies and just focus on telling this first chapter.

Overall this is starting to look very promising. With a supporting cast of Stanley Tucci, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones and Hayley Atwell this could be the big-screen Cap film fans have been waiting for.

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