The Coolness of Old Slang Expressions


Slang words and phrases come and go with popular usage, but even if they’re out of date some are still a lot of fun to use

1950s slang words expressions

I was talking with an older guy who I really enjoy hanging out with. He’s always entertaining. This particular day he said the sentence: – “Maybe if Daddy-O makes up his mind”.

I loved it! I rarely hear anyone use the word ‘Daddy O’! Actually I can’t remember the last time I heard that word. Since then I’ve tried starting to use it with him.

It’s kind of sad that some of these cool expressions don’t get used anymore. At one point in time it was popular. Probably every 1950’s teenager used it. Somewhere along the lines it fell by the wayside. I think it’s a cool expression and want to try to keep it alive in someway.

I love some of those old slang expressions. Anyone who knows me knows one of my favorites is ‘Cat’s Pajamas”. I try to use it every now and then, but usually I have to explain what the heck it means. I’m not having much success breathing life into that one.

I have my own little dictionary of slang that gets used pretty consistently: jingle, flicks, Z’s, pad, eyeball, ape. The people I come into regular contact with are used to hearing them. Some have evolved into becoming popular in my select group of friends just from the repetition of their usage. It might sound weird when someone overhears one of us say, “I’ll give you a jingle tomorrow”. But we’re not out to impress eavesdroppers.

So if anyone has some cool retro expressions they think shouldn’t disappear, let me know. I’m all ears!

Can you dig it Daddy O?

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