being a busybody

Today I jokingly called someone a ‘busybody’. But just before I was ready to commit to that word I had to pause and reconsider – what is a ‘busybody’???

I’ve used the word before and was pretty confident in what it meant and that I would use it appropriately for the given situation. Basically, someone who is nosy.

I guess maybe it’s because I haven’t used it for awhile (or maybe I’m slowly going crazy), but I hesitated with using it. For a moment I thought ‘busybody’….that sounds like it means someone who is constantly doing stuff – always trying to keep busy. That makes sense. Those two words ‘busy’ and ‘body’ would seem like an ideal way to describe someone like that!

But then I guess a gear got kicked back into place in my head and I remembered the proper definition of it and that it would work perfectly in my comment.

Whenever I get those kind of brain freezes I always get worried. I can never pinpoint the cause of them and wonder if somethings going wrong in my head.

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