The Loss Of A Boss….(And No I’m Not Talking About Steve Carrell


Losing a boss that you actually like, yeah it can happen

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Unless you lucked out and hit the lottery, most likely you’ll be spending the most of your adult life working… a job….earning money….and trying to make the most of it.

There are the lucky ones who genuinely enjoy their job. Waking up early in the morning is less a chore than the unlucky ones, who groggily get out of bed and already can’t wait for quitting time to come.

One of the few things that can make a dreary job bearable is the people you work with. Sometimes you draw the short straw and end up having to put up with people you wouldn’t otherwise ever spend time with or would want to. Then on the other side are the people you click with, enjoy seeing and establishing a connection that supersedes the normal co-worker one. A more friendly bond that on your first day working with them you would never had predicted to happen.

Bosses get a tough wrap. Even though they’re employing you and paying you your salary they can easily be pegged as the villains of your daily grind. They’re the faces dealing out work to you, they’re the ones that will be looking over your shoulder and you can’t even tell them off! It’s logical for them to be portrayed as the bad guys and sometimes it’s completely warranted.

However, on the rarest occasions they can actually be pretty nice folks. A boss that you begin to actually like and who treats you fair. A boss that you actually see doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty and working alongside you. One that actually….(gasp!) inspires you to go that extra mile for him, when you easily could have just coasted through the day. A boss that notices your hard work and is genuinely appreciative of it, which makes you feel good. It’s one of those exceptional situations.

When you see your boss break their back at their job all day, every day it would be kind of satisfying to see them get some recognition from their boss. They’ve really earned it. You see how hard they work, hopefully the higher ups will notice and appreciate it too. Give your boss the credit he deserves. You actually end up rooting for your own boss! When does that ever happen???

Unfortunately, as the popular phrase goes – ‘Life is not fair”. Which is true, but some people just fall back on using that motto as an excuse when they’re the ones who are dealing out the unfairness.

Your boss doesn’t get any praise or thanks what he sincerely deserves, but an impersonal kick in the rear. Before you know it one of the few things that made your tedious job tolerable is gone without any hesitation or second thoughts by the higher ups.

So once again you’re left in the position of a job with an anonymous boss hanging over your head. One who can easily dish out the daily workload from their comfy office, just expecting it to get done and never helping out because well, they’re the boss that kind of work is beneath them. So just do it!

It doesn’t take very long to feel your old boss’ absence and before you know it your alarm goes off in the morning and your in the mindset of looking forward to the end of the day. The one positive thought you can muster is that you hope your boss wherever he might go is better off and finds a job where his hardwork is deservedly recognized by his higher ups, the same way he acknowledged all of yours.

Now you’re just left adjusting to a new boss, one that has big shoes to fill in your mind and the higher ups. You know how fortunate you were to have worked with such a great boss, even though it never dawned on the higher ups what they had right under their noses all this time. They seem to be confident with their decision, but it’s one that you hope will eventually make them see what a terrible mistake they’ve made.

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