How The Idea Of Soulmates Might Work


A theory of the romantic idea of soulmates and how it might work in the grand scheme of the universe

Somewhere in Time movie romance

Keeping with the mood of romance, love and heart-shaped candies that Valentine’s Day represents I was watching this movie called Somewhere in Time. It was made in 1980 starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.

Basically it was about this modern day playwright (Chris) who sees this old portrait of this beautiful woman (Jane) from 1912. He goes back in time to that era where he meets her and they fall in love. It’s a pretty nice movie that really makes you consider whether love is all about fate, destiny or just complete chance. Is it, as commonly referred to, ‘meant to be’?

The idea of finding true love across ages of time is a fascinating idea, so the movie started me to think about the whole idea of soulmates. It’s such a popular phrase used by people in the area of ‘true love’. I hear it used all the time by romantic optimists, poets and on The Bachelor, but how exactly does it work? Well, I worked out a theory on that one!

Imagine God or whatever entity you want to believe in, is working at his desk. He’s working on making people….us. So he starts off with, say for the sake or argument and to keep this simple, a gingerbread couple holding hands (just work with me on this). Each comes as a set, but he has to separate them before sending them out on their lives. So He breaks them apart, separates them and that’s how they’ll be experiencing life – as individuals.

hourglassNow He has two tubes numbers One and Two leading down to earth on each end of his desk. They’re kind of like huge hourglasses. After every gingerbread couple becomes a gingerbread single it gets tossed into Number One Hourglass & the other into the Number Two Hourglass.

Now there are plenty of other gingerbread singles in each one already, so there will be a bit of mixing of all the singles in each of the hourglasses. A lot of bumping into each other, some pushing and shoving. Sort of like riding the subway!

The matched original couple may not come out of each of their hourglass at the same exact time. There’s no telling how far apart in time they’ll each come out. One may be able to make a straight shot to the exit of their hourglass and the other may take a lot longer and get pushed to the back. It’s a crap shoot!

The whole point is that only one gingerbread single will fit perfectly with another gingerbread single. You’ll get a few that will kinda, somewhat fit together, but it won’t be perfect. The only chance of being a perfect gingerbread couple again is finding your missing companion. You really have an uphill battle considering all the gingerbread singles you have to sift through.

If you go along with this theory, its quite possible that one gingerbread single could come out of its hourglass in 1850 and its match come out in 1950. That’s quite a large time gap. Unfortunately in that scenario that gingerbread couple would be pretty helpless to do anything about this time problem and I suppose they would just have to make the best out of the situation they were dealt. The Big Baker in the sky doesnt make it too easy for them huh?

Anyway, it was just a thought.

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