Sometimes People Are So Dense


An encounter with a real blockhead


It’s funny how some folks walk around with such thick heads. They’re completely oblivious to the obvious and continue doing the same antics that they’ve always done. Everyone else sees what the eventual repercussions will be, but the Block Head just strolls around in their normal way they’ve always done.

I work with a fellow who seems to have been born dense. Everyone else knows that he’s been skirting by somehow. Honestly, I’m surprised that he’s lasted this long at this place. He hasn’t exactly made himself indispensable to have around. In a lot of ways he’s become more of a hindrance.

Well finally the heat is on! The Block Head’s antics are finally catching up to him and he’s been placed under a microscope by the powers that be. And they don’t like what they see. Rumors are running rampant and the Sword of Damocles is hanging over this guys head. And he doesn’t seem to care or at least he’s not doing anything to change his situation.

It’s not like the guy doesn’t NEED this gig. I’ve gotten earfuls of how he needs the money and really doesn’t have any other options to fall back on. So from what he’s saying it sounds like he doesn’t want to leave. I hate to see anyone lose their job, but I can’t figure out why he doesn’t try to buckle down, get serious and start trying to impress the Big Cheese.

Even after getting screamed at – and I mean really screamed at, this was like that scene from Home Alone, just crazy screaming – by the boss it doesn’t sink in that his performance isn’t liked and it’s time for a radical change and time to step things up. That was an interesting day. The whole place was shaking with sound vibrations from the boss.

Gumby-Blockhead-charactersSomehow the Block Head rationalizes his behavior and chalks all this up to the big man “just not liking him”. Well, yeah! And that’s not going to change unless you do something about it man! I sometimes admire these people who are completely unaware of their actions and how they look in the eyes of others. It must be kind of liberating not knowing that you really look like a Class A jerk and no one is a fan of yours.

The past few months have had its share of entertainment for me though. I’m ashamed to say I kind of enjoy seeing someone get screamed at and the Big Cheese is a really good yeller. He should enter competitive yelling games. As long as it’s not me being the focus of the aggravation all this can be kind of funny. Plus, all the insults and threats seem to just bounce off the Block Head anyway. It’s all very strange.

I have a feeling this floor show is going to come to an end very soon and Block Head will be leaving the stage shortly. I can see folks starting to distance themselves from this guy and they’re preparing for the inevitable vacancy at this place.

I bet if the boss had it his way he would love to use a big cane to drag this guy out the door.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes People Are So Dense

    1. Wow I forgot all about this! lol The dense individual took the hint, couldn't handle the expectations wanted out of him and left. But ironically the big boss soon after left and Mr. Dense came back once the coast was clear. His work ethic never changed and he managed to stick around for another year and half before leaving yet again. So far I haven't seen him since.

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