10/10/10 -‘The PERFECT Day’….REALLY????


The superstitious way people place significance to random dates

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Well we passed a very special this past week. Didn’t you notice Sunday’s date – October, 10 2010.

Is it registering yet? You got it! It was 10/10/10!

Now doesn’t the day seem a lot more special?

Not for me.

I was reading this article about how once again there was this huge rush of couples scrambling to get married on that date to take advantage of this once in a century milestone. I think everyone was thinking this ‘Perfect Ten Day’ was going to be a much more prosperous day for newlywed to take their vows and people felt really fortunate that this opportunity came along. To even go further with this couples exchanged vows at the exact time of 10:10.

Are these people friggin’ kidding me?

I did a rant about this before. Last time it was 7/7/07. Then 8/8/08. THEN 9/9/09! That was the last time all these kooks planned their futures based on the date. Apparently seven isn’t the only lucky number. In China the date of 10/10/10 is referred to in rough translation as – “perfect in every way”. So naturally thousands of couples – whose probably the closest they’ve come to studying Chinese culture is reading a menu at a Chinese restaurant – choose to start their wedded life on this sacred date.

I just never understand it. I don’t even grasp why lottery players would play those particular numbers on that day hoping they’ll come up in the big sweepstakes. Isn’t it more likely that it’s just a random series of numbers that don’t have any deep, significant meaning other than coincidence. That this one day happens to correspond to a random series of numbers that might look cool on our calendar, but really doesn’t hold any more meaning than that and won’t be affecting anything other than people’s heads?

Ok, let’s say the Cosmos is really using some ‘Master Plan’ and certain times and dates are special and it’s basing its whole scheme on some kind of time template. Why the heck does everyone assume it’s going to follow the same calendar we’re using? The Universe has been around a lot longer than us, so don’t you think before we came along it had worked out it’s own way of keeping time? We’re so extraordinarily special that it decided to change it’s time-keeping ways and switch to ours? Our calendar is so special that naturally everything is going to be broken down by our system of days, weeks, months and years? Would the Cosmos really feel a need to observe daylight savings time and keep up with our changes?

And what time would the Cosmos actually set its watch to? Eastern, standard, mountain? Would it even be using the U.S. time zones? Why would it even be using Earth’s times? One of our days on Earth would equal about 2/3 of that day on Neptune. Does that mean Neptune is all goofed with its special days or it keeps track differently? Is the Cosmos just disregarding the other planets and thought it would concentrate on the neat blue/green one where all the creatures have cell phones?

Suppose there are aliens on some distant planet that we’re not even aware of and they have their own kind of time system. Are they left out of this? Do they not count in the grand scheme of things? Will this ‘perfect ten’ day just pass by them without them realizing it unless they ordered some Earth calendar from Amazon?

The only benefit I see with planning your wedding on this 10/10/10 day is the fact that your future anniversaries will be easier to remember for the absent-minded husband. And if you need to go through that much trouble to him to remember that important day…..well rethinking the whole marriage thing might be a good idea. Either that or the new bride should practice a lot of patience before diving into this marriage.

Anyway, that’s my little rant on that ‘Perfect Ten Day’. Maybe the Cosmos really cares if all these couples actually enjoy wedded bliss since they were smart enough to plan their nuptials on that ‘Perfect Day’. I’m betting not though.

At least we only have to read about this two more time before 2013 hits and then we’ll all be subjected to a long stretch of unlucky and imperfect choices for wedding dates for the next hundred years.

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