Cell Phones On The Train


The annoying way people use cell phones on trains

train passengers

How is it possible that I can pick the worst possible seat on a train? There has to be between eight to nine cars (and I’m probably being very conservative). In each car there are like how many seats? Thirty? Forty? And again I might be being conservative.

So out of all these spots I could park my caboose I inadvertently choose the seat right in front of the guy who MUST talk on his cell phone the entire trip?!?!?! The rest of the car was completely silent except for this one guy! So instead of enjoying some quiet time being able to read or look out the window and lose myself in my thoughts I have to listen to his rambling. The odds were completely in my favor and I couldn’t succeed in that.

Plus, I couldn’t even salvage the ride by eavesdropping on some juicy conversation that was being had. The guy was talking in some language I couldn’t even spell much less understand.

1 thought on “Cell Phones On The Train

  1. Still not as bad as the rude d-bags who play music on their phones without earphones. I and everyone else have no desire to listen to their garbage music

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