The Christmas Aftermath


After the Christmas holiday curbs are littered with Christmas trees and decorations for disposal

Christmas tree garbage

Once again I’ve been witness to the Christmas aftermath. Streets are lined with tattered Christmas trees and piles of discarded boxes. The decorations have been slowly coming down and houses are beginning to go back to looking like they do for the majority of the year.

I’m always saddened by the houses with trees thrown to the gutter on the 26th. I just can’t help but wonder why were they in such a rush to take it down. Can’t you grant some kind of reprieve and give them a few more days? The radio stations have also gone back to their regularly scheduled programming. The Full Month of Christmas Music (I think it was longer) station has gone back to playing Celine Dion and Sting or whoever.

It’s funny how there is such a big buildup to Christmas, everyone waiting and decorating and shopping for months ahead of time, then when it ends – it ENDS! I think it’s the only season that just stops. They want to call it the ‘Christmas Season’, fine let’s go along with it. The summer ends and it gradually gets into cooler weather. Winter slowly gets warmer and leads you into spring.

When Christmas ends it’s an immediate conclusion. All evidence of it vanishes. After Christmas sales try to move the remainder of the mess out, the decorations go back into storage and the mall Santa’s disappear.

For a holiday that’s has such a buildup, it sure does end fast.

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