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A man spotted a girl in a crowd, was unable to talk to her and since has been driven to find her again

looking for love

For some reason I retain a lot of bizarre information. There’s no reason for it, but occasionally some little thing sticks in my mind that I read or heard about years ago. It never came up again, I never talked about it or discussed it with anyone. It just lays in storage in the back of my mind most likely never to bubble up again. But every once and awhile, like a volcano erupting something triggers it and it pops into the forefront of my mind again.

That happened this morning. I recalled this story of this guy who had been visiting Disneyland. He was down there walking around the park when he saw this stunning girl walking among the huge crowd. The other people dissolved away and she stood out to him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was overcome by the sight of her and he wanted to find out who she was and talk to her.

This is where my memory gets hazy about the story. He either raced after her to where he saw her and by the time he got there she had disappeared into the crowd. Or he was too late in building up the nerve to approach her before she disappeared.

Either way he only saw her for a few brief moments, never talked to her, didn’t know anything about her and never saw her again. That moment haunted him and filled him with regret of never finding out who she was. He kept thinking of her for months afterwards and couldn’t get himself to forget her.

Finally he made a website consisting of all the information he knew concerning that one moment he saw her. Where she was standing, the time and date he saw her at Disneyland, what she was wearing. It was sort of like a missing person plea. He asked if she ever saw this site or if someone knew who this girl to please contact him. He had regretted not being able to talk to her when he first saw her and wanted to get a second chance.

I heard this story on a radio program where he was talking about his story. This is going on ten years ago. At the time he must of been getting some exposure with his story since it was a popular radio show.

I remember looking at his website at the time. I wish I remember the name of it. I was very curious to see if the girl would ever hear about this search for her. It didn’t seem likely for a lot of reasons. One, she had no idea anyone was looking for her. Two, the information he knew about her was vague at best. And three, what are the odds she would hear the guy on the radio show or happen to find the website, that it register he was talking about her, and that she would actually contact him and not being creeped out by the whole idea of being stalked.

I have no idea how this story ended or if it’s still continuing. A few times over the years when I’ve thought about this story I’ve looked for his site again to see if anything changed, but could never find it. My guess is that the guy never found the girl and after some time passed he gave up the search.

I don’t know why I suddenly recalled this story again this morning. But I still think it’s a pretty interesting one.

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