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Possilbe spoilers for the upcoming James Bond film No Time To Die have been leaked and are making the rounds on the internet. I will not be revealing them, only to warn fans who wish to avoid them to tread carefully out there.

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If you’re concerned with seeing the possible spoilers that are making the rounds for No Time To Die let me assure you – NOTHING WILL BE WRITTEN ABOUT THE SPECIFICS HERE. I will only refer to them as ‘spoilers’. So if you’re trying to avoid them, relax and consider this a safe place. You won’t be reading any details about them here.

I suppose it was inevitable. With the latest delay that No Time To Die was hit with, moving from April to November 2020, the likelihood of spoilers leaking concerning the film increased with the added wait time for its release.

Unfortunately, news sites, bloggers, Youtubers and the social media circus is running around waving these spoilers all about. They’re going to be hard to avoid seeing them. Unless you hole up in a remote cabin and have zero communication with the world.

What gets me is how many of these ‘eager spill happy’ sites don’t try to be respectful to those who don’t want to learn about these possible spoilers. They don’t attempt to be tactful by burying it in the article or warning of what they’re about to reveal allowing readers or viewers to bail before seeing something they’d prefer not see. They post the actual spoilers in headlines and titles! There’s really little escape for fans who would like to go watch the movie as blind as possible. 

They really don’t give fans much of an option of learning about these spoilers. I suppose it’s beyond their comprehension that some fans would prefer to learn about it while watching the actual movie, rather than reading it in some bold faced headline. I guess getting clicks and attention trumps giving an out to fans and giving those a fair warning who’d rather not know about spoilers. I think that’s a really sucky thing to do.

Daniel Craig James Bond No Time To Die 007So, the odds are high that the majority of James Bond fans will be well aware of what these possible spoilers are long before seeing No Time To Die. I mean, the film is still six months away! That’s an awful long time to avoid this stuff. 

The worst case scenario for No Time To Die being in this current static hold was if somehow a bootleg copy of it managed to sneak out. Story spoilers was probably the second. Hopefully EON, Barbara and Michael have the film locked away in a secure location so at least no copy will make its way onto the internet before its official release.

As longtime followers of mine have probably learned by now, I am not a fan of revealing spoilers for films. I try my best to avoid them and try to be conscious when I’m writing about a film or doing a video project to give an adequate warning to readers and viewers if I’m going to talk about spoilers.

My feeling has always been – I want to watch a movie, I don’t want someone to explain it to me beforehand. Theorizing is fine. Analyzing trailers, venturing guesses, sure. But actually reading about leaked spoilers for a film, I’m not into. But everyone has their own rules they follow.

With No Time To Die it’s especially a sore spot. Despite some of my reservations and trepidation about some of the aspects to the film, it’s still a movie I’ve been waiting a really long time to see. Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie. A five year wait for a new Bond film. The long epic struggle to finally getting it done. It’s been a very long road for this flick.

Beware of possible spoilers out there fans – tread carefully

Having these spoilers floating around out there about the film now is not something I welcome. Heck, I still haven’t even listened to Billie Eilish’s theme song yet, figuring I would wait to hear it in the actual film! 

Oh and let me state – I have no idea of the validity of these potential spoilers. Are they completely accurate? Where did they come from? How did they leak out? I have no idea! I don’t even know the full details of what they contain. I haven’t read them. I’ll look into this spoiler leak deeper AFTER I see No Time To Die in November. 

In the meantime, if you want to avoid these spoilers I suggest you maneuver very carefully of what articles and videos you open up. You’ll probably stumble onto these spoilers at some point, but all you can do is try your best to dodge them.

You can also enjoy a new collaboration series DutchBondFan and I have been doing called ‘Dealing Out A Double-O Debate’. New episodes are still on their way! 

I can assure you, we don’t talk about any of these No Time To Die spoilers in them.




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