Bond 25 Delayed Again


It has been announced the release date of Bond 25 has been pushed back again. Now it’s no longer Valentine’s Day 2020, Bond will return April 8, 2020

Bond 25 release date delay

Less than 24-hours after myself and 007 fans were marking the one-year wait until Bond 25’s release – Valentine’s Day, February 14th 2020 – it was announced the film was being pushed back for a third time. It’s new scheduled release date is now April 8, 2020.

The press release reads as follows: The release date for Bond 25 has changed. Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli: “We are absolutely thrilled to be releasing Bond 25 on 8 April 2020.”

I’m not exactly sure why they would be “thrilled” about another scheduling change. I’m sure Bond fans aren’t feeling too “thrilled”. But that just might be a poor choice of words by whoever wrote this release.

So, once again Bond 25 has been moved. While it might feel frustrating and I, myself was scratching my head asking, “what is going on with this movie?” it may not be as big of a deal as it initially seemed.

Bond 25 release date change

Afterall, it is only a two-month delay with the release. As it was director Cary Fukanaga, Daniel Craig and the whole production must have already been feeling the pressure to meet the deadline. This will allow them a bit more time to hopefully work things out to make the wait for Bond’s return worth it.

Plus, release dates do change and this might be the studio’s doing more than EON’s, thinking they’ll get more bang for their buck to release the film closer to the summer season.

Leaving aside the optimism, there’s no denying Bond 25’s production has become quite the roller coaster of drama and delays. This could turn out to be the most tumultuous gap between Bond films in the history of the series.

Sure, the six-year hiatus between 1989’s License to Kill and 1995’s GoldenEye might be the record holder for length, but let’s remember that was due to legal delays and lawsuits. This time it appears the issues are more on the creative side, or as the popular phrase goes – “creative differences”.

We’ll just have to see what happens and what other news we learn about Bond 25. I would expect we should be getting some very soon. I thought it would be about casting, the story and the title. Not another push back of the release date.

The wait continues.

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