Superhero Films – Legends of the Superheroes (1979)


A review of the 1979 television specials Legends of the Superheroes featuring a DC Comic lineup of superheroes and super villains

Legends of Superheroes Black Canary Huntress

A long roster of DC comic book heroes come to together for a two nights of a prime-time television experience for fans.

Batman. Robin. Flash. Green Lantern. Black Canary. Huntress. Captain Marvel. All coming together to save us from the evil plans hatched by The Riddler, Dr. Sivana, Mordru, Sinestro, The Weather Wizard, Solomon Grundy and Giganta. Throw in a couple more heroes and villains to make an appearance, get Ed McMahon to host a roast for our heroes and we get 1979’s Legends of the Superheroes.

These TV specials would leave a mark in the minds of those who watched it. Not in the way the producers probably intended, but it did leave an impression. That’s something right?

Awhile back I took a look at the two episodes of this short-lived Hanna Barbara production in a two-part review. Unfortunately, one part was removed by Youtube. I’m not sure why they would leave the other part alone. If there was problem with one part, then there should be a problem with both right? But I try not to make sense of their logic.

After that little bump and some requests,  I finally reposted both parts of the Legends review. So if any superhero fans want to see what they missed out here it is – my uncut look at Legends of the Superheroes.

If younger superhero fans might have felt burnt, disappointment, anger or bewilderment over the presentation of some of their favorite superheroes in lackluster movies, just take a look at what the previous generation had to endure.

By the way since having made this review Legends of the Superheroes has had a DVD release! Yeah, I don’t believe it either.

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  1. Marsalsify, When ABC cancelled the Batman television series, NBC showed interest in picking up the series for their network. However, plans were shelved when it was learned the sets for the series were already broken down by Fox and NBC was unwilling to invest the budget of $800,000 necessary to rebuild them. NBC would, of course, go on to pick up this Legends of the Superheroes show instead.

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