The 2012 Calendar Selection Has Been Made!


Choosing your annual calendar can be a tough decision, it’s something you’ll be looking at for the next year, I made my decision

Gil Elvgren calendar

Well, it’s that time of year again when everyone has to make that hefty decision – what kind of calendar should I buy?

It’s an important decision that will affect what you’ll be looking at and referring to for the next year. Sure you can just make due with one of those free ones your local bank gives away, but what’s the fun in that???

The selection of calendars is staggering when I start to look at them. It seems every base is covered and whatever you like or are into there’s a calendar just for you.

Scenic vistas, art, celebrities, flowers, animals, religious, sports, travel, sexy models, humorous, games, trivia, it’s just a countless variety for you to choose from. Hey, you like the Kardashians? Not to worry there’s a calendar of them too!

Being a movie fan I used to go with the straightforward selection of a film theme for my yearly calendar. It wasn’t too difficult to commit to flipping through twelve big pictures of Star Wars, Indiana Jones or of course James Bond. Then some of the my other favorites would start to slip in – Charlie Chaplin and the Three Stooges were always reliable choices.

I always kind of gloss over a calendar’s real function and started to look at them more as a decoration than a tool to keep track of time. I have my spot on my office wall that inevitably will be replaced by the next years calendar. I go for those big wall calendars with a nice big picture on top and on the bottom all the days, dates and the rest of that jazz.

Origami CalendarOnce I considered getting one of those small desk calendars. The Far Side comic seemed to be the most popular one of these for a long time. Everyday you tear off a page and were treated to a new comic panel. I always found it strange that the comic ended years ago and it still hung around for years afterward in calendar form.

But those desk calendars really seemed like too much of a hassle. Everyday you have a commitment to keep track of the days and if you fell behind then at some point you have to tear off a weeks worth of days in a few minutes. That’s really not fun.

I almost folded on one desk calendar that was a page-a-day-origami. Everyday you learned how to make a new one. I figured I’d get all Blade Runner for the year. But again that seemed too much trouble and I envisioned a scattering of papers surrounding me of failed origami attempts.

Women In Waders CalendarNaturally the sexy model calendars are always in the running. I’m certainly not going to dismiss them and have in the past enjoyed a year’s worth of staring at ‘Farmer’s Daughters’, ‘Beach Babes’ and ‘Hot Buns’. They mostly consist of anonymous models in sexy poses. I doubt you will even be able to figure out their names if you were so inclined.

The major selling point is purely erotic eye-candy. Keeping track of the months or looking for the next holiday is completely moot. I don’t think you’ll even find any dates or months in some of them.

These certainly aren’t general office-friendly kind of calendars. I can imagine you hanging one of them up in your cubicle; it might not go over too well with fellow office workers. But maybe some will really like them. They’re much more eye-catching than those big, boring, plain white sheets that just have blocks of the weeks every month most people have sitting on their desks.

One of the funniest sexy ones that reappear every year is the Women In Waders calendar. I just find it so unusual. I suppose combining fishing and hot women serves a niche audience. Like I said, there’s something for everyone. I always wonder how well they sell though. I suppose they must be profitable if they keep churning them out every year.

I guess it’s like the Chicks With Guns and Hot Rides and they’re just covering two different categories at once. I wish someone would come up with Hot Chicks Recreate Scenes From Star Wars or something.

PinUp Gil Elvgren CalendarSo what was my choice for the Calendar of 2012? Well, I’ve stuck with one that I think combines both the sexy and artistic – Pin Up by Gil Elvgren.

I’ve gotten these calendars for the past few years and really enjoy them. I really dig the retro art by the guy and his paintings of the old classic pinup style from years gone by are fun, sexy and amusing.

The best of Elvgren’s paintings tell a little story and have an enjoyable twist to the sexy lady in them. How can one not be amused by the lady’s skirt hiking up on her as she attempts to put the water bottle on the cooler!

They’re not offensive (at least in my mind) and I look forward to seeing what the next months image will be. Plus, they have the days of the month on them. That’s always a plus!

Oh, and then I folded and also choose 2012’s Erotic Hands. I figured I could hang it on the back of my door so no one else will see it.

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