The Silence Of Snow


A relaxing snowfall provides a quiet peaceful silence


Welp, we got our first significant snowfall of the winter. A few people mentioned there was going to be a possibility of snow, but I just shrugged it off. The warm weather doesn’t feel so long ago and I still haven’t gotten accustomed to the cooler weather. Having it snow just seemed like a long ways off.

Sunday morning I wake up and didn’t even have to look out the window. From my bed I could tell the light outside was different from a normal morning. All that white stuff really bounces the light all over the place and theres a kinda balanced look about it when it shoots up to my window.

That’s one of the best times to get snow. You have a day off, can sit back and watch it come down, turn on the weather channel and have a hot drink. This particular snow was that wet kind. It kinda sticks to the tree branches and covers the top halves of the limbs. Makes it really look very picturesque!

There’s that cool silence when it’s snowing too. There aren’t too many people on the road and the snow just kinda insulates all the sound. It’s a very relaxing silence. The only noise you can hear is the snow hitting off the roofs and the occasional crunching of it when someone is walking on it.

That was all this morning. Once the plows come along, the drivers, shovelers and dog walkers pretty much trample the perfect snow. It starts to warm up melts a bit and loses that natural covering. Now it’s a slushy mess. People’s footprints, tracks and shoveling evidence completely ruins the whole serene look of the snowfall. It’s a very temporary thing, which is another reason I like it so much.

Can’t wait for the next one!

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