The Spreading Word On Green Lantern


The new Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds is starting to get a negative response and is beginning to give fans a very ominous feeling about it

Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds

Green Lantern hasn’t even been playing in theaters for twenty-four hours, but already reactions are spreading pretty darn fast. And what is the general reaction?

Not too good.

At this point the big-budget Green Lantern film starring Ryan Reynolds as iconic superhero Hal Jordan hasn’t be receiving much positive reviews from critics. On Lantern is currently sitting at a 23%, which is pretty bad.

I don’t generally pay attention to critics, but when the response is so overwhelmingly negative it does make me raise an eyebrow. I was especially disturbed to read one blurb comparing Lantern to 1997’s Batman and Robin. Could it really be that bad???

I’m still hoping to see it, but my enthusiasm that I had for it is slowly seeping away the more I read. Ultimately I’ll make my own decision on it, but right now I’m getting a bad feeling about this…..

2 thoughts on “The Spreading Word On Green Lantern

  1. I think it might have helped to have kept the first film more earth-based and focused on Hal and his growing friendship with Sinestro, his relationship with Carol and him learning his new powers. When the story moves to Oa and the whole history of the Lantern Corps, while looking very cool, feels like a major detour to the story and it might have been better to save that for a sequel to take us deeper into the Lantern mythology and characters instead of trying to cram it all in the first film.

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