A Year-Long Wait For Bond 25


Bond 25 is a year away. Next Valentine’s Day 007 fans will get to see the return of James Bond, but for now I reflect and speculate on what’s been happening with 007

2019 Year No James Bond

Well, 007 fans….do you have another years’ worth of patience in you? The last three years hasn’t drained it from you completely yet has it?

So, we are a year away from seeing James Bond make his promised returned in Bond 25. We can expect to see him stroll in his gun barrel once again on February, 14th 2020.

And that is now exactly one year away!

Bond 25 won’t just signal the 25th film in the official series, but it will also have the honor of being the second-longest wait between films in the series. It is also going to mark Daniel Craig’s final performance as James Bond – or at least that’s what it’s looking like at the moment.

With this year-long wait upon us, I thought I would take some time to reflect on the current state of the 007 franchise. What is going on with the direction Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson have been taking the series and how Craig’s 007 run has been doing.

Plus, I mull on a few other things, like – Danny Boyle leaving Bond 25 and the hiring of Cary Fukanga as director. Leá Seydoux as Madelyn Swan being the first Bond Girl to make a return appearance in a second film (not counting Sylvia Trench’s brief return in From Russia With Love). What can an encore appearance by her mean? After the dust settled in Spectre, I speculate as to where exactly Bond’s story can go from there.

Along with some of that, I check out some the rumors that have been circulating about Bond 25, which there have been no shortage of. Who’s being cast, possible stories that we might take place. Plus, I take a look at some of the things we definitely know about Bond 25.

Keep your heads up Bond fans. We have a final year of waiting ahead of us. Next Valentine’s Day James Bond will return.

2 thoughts on “A Year-Long Wait For Bond 25

  1. These guys should just sell the rights to the Bond franchise to someone who gives a damn about it, as they clearly do not. The old fan base has moved on or is dying off, and no new fan base will develop if you only release a new film every four or five years. And then when a film IS finally released, it’s not that great…..

  2. Maybe Madeleine Swann is a villain and has been all along. She was just playing the long con. She was the daughter of a villain after all. Maybe she is just smarter and has more patience. And now she has been on the inside of British Intelligence and everyone knows who she is and trusts her. I dunno, but it’s certainly more interesting than making her just another “bond girl”again.

    And I too am sick of seeing Bond on all these personal missions. Doesn’t he have a job to do? And you’re 100% right – he does seem to always have one foot out the door. Connery ‘s Bond was horrified about not being a “Double O”. He was threatened a few times of being reassigned and immediately showed contrition and obedience. I think if Craig’s Bond was threatened like that he’d just say “OK, I’m done – see ya!”.

    Love your Bond series btw. Been a long time fan. Keep up the good work!

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