Dealing Out A OO Debate With DutchBondFan


A new collaboration project with DutchBondFan – Dealing Out A OO Debate. We randomly select the side of a James Bond topic we have to defend or attack – whether we agree with that stance or not.

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With the extra eight month delay of the release of No Time To Die, James Bond fans have been in something of a static hold until its release in November 2020. Of course fandom continues and the desire to talk about 007 never fully stops.

Luckily there’s a wealth of topics to discuss from the Bond series. Which brings me to a new collaboration series I did with my friend and fellow Bond fan Jeroen – or better known to many as DutchBondFan.

Jeroen and I created the collaboration series ‘Dealing Out A Double-O Debate’. Basically we pick a James Bond topic and randomly select who gets which side of it to defend or attack – whether we agree with our assigned side or not. This can create a bit more of work opposing or supporting a stance we might not have our heart in in – but it can also be awfully interesting to hear and in the very least could make for some comedic conversations!

I typically don’t do many collaboration projects. Poor Jeroen got a taste of my perfectionist and micromanaging attributes while working on this – I hope he doesn’t hold too much of a grudge about that and can forgive me getting ‘diva’ at times.

In the end, this became quite a fun project to work on with him and was certainly quite different than my usual video projects I normally do. I think we came up with a unique format and idea for discussing Bond, selected an eclectic collection of topics, both weighty and silly, and the results  ended up us having both thoughtful and amusing conversations. At least we had fun talking about some 007 stuff.

Hopefully all of our followers will enjoy listening in! 

Here they are:


In 1989’s Licence To Kill, the character of Lupe played by Talisa Sota melodramatically states, “I love James so much.” Is that her true feelings? Is she sincere with that statement, have alternate reasons for saying it? We debate! 


Sheriff J.W. Pepper played by Clifton James appeared in two consecutive Bond films. Should the character have been a recurring comedic character in Roger Moore’s 007 adventures, or was two appearance enough? We debate!


Sean Connery famously walked away from the role of 007 leaving open the door for George Lazenby to star in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Would Majesty’s had been a better film had Connery stuck around and starred in it? We debate! 


Spectre reintroduced the evil organization and 007’s greatest nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld back to the Bond series. Played by Christoph Waltz it is revealed has a bit of history with Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Was this past relationship a good idea or did it sabotage Blofeld’s long awaited return? We debate!


James Bond has spent some of his adventures facing off against femme fatales. Thunderball introduced Fiona Volpe played by Luciana Paluzzi in 1965. In 1983 Thunderball was remade with Never Say Never Again and presented an updated  new villainess role in the form of Fatima Blush played by Barbara Carrera. Which of these two deadly women were the better deadly beauty that came close to eliminating 007 for good? We debate! 


In 1979 James Bond ventured into outer space for his big-budget adventure Moonraker. Was that a wise setting for the cold war spy? Would it be good idea to send 007 into orbit again for another onscreen mission? We debate! 



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